Titan Trailer Brakes - Hydraulic Drum Brakes - T4522900 Review

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Review of Titan Galvanized 10" Left Hand Hydraulic Trailer Brakes

Today we're looking at the Titan 10 inch hydraulic brake assembly, part number t4522900. This setup is for the left hand side we can tell this is by looking at the brake shoe lining. The forward shoe is smaller than the rear or primary shoe. This is a single servo system which has one wheel cylinder and one wheel cylinder piston to push out against the brake shoe creating a wedge effect inside the brake drum. Our setup is on a galvanized backing plate for minimal corrosion. We'll also bolt onto a 4 bolt flange stud on your axle. When you initially setup your assembly to your hub drum, you use a star wheel adjuster to adjust the linings out to create a light drag on the hub drum and then as the brake shoe linings wear, we can remove the grommet and adjust the star wheel as needed to keep the nice even braking. To measure our assembly take our tape measure and go across the linings and see we have a 10 inch by 2 1/4 inch shoe linings making this application fit a 10 and 2 1/4 inch hub drum assembly.

This assembly when paired with the right hand side will create up to 3750 pounds in braking capacity. It has a fall away brake system which means there will be minimum drag in backing up making a good application for trailers with braking couplers. This assembly comes with a one year warranty. And there you have for the Titan 10 inch hydraulic brake assembly part number t4522900.

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