Review of Titan Chain Winter Weather Supplies - Rubber Snow Chain Slip-On Shoes - TCSC-HX-S-M

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Titan Chain Winter Weather Supplies - Rubber Snow Chain Slip-On Shoes - TCSC-HX-S-M Review

Michael: Hi, there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Titan Chains Slip-On Shoe Chains. You can see these are going to just slip over top of your shoes. And then on the bottom side, we've got these metal spikes that will help to dig into solid snow, compacted snow, or ice. On the backside, we've got some rubber spikes, again, to help give us more traction, as we're walking on the snow.

This is a nice, bright blue rubber material, so it should be pretty easy to find. If we have these stored in our car in case of an emergency or something like that, it should be easy to find them and get them put on.Now, these are the small/medium size. There's also a large/extra large size available, but these are designed to fit shoe sizes seven to nine in US sizes. Now, I've got a little bit bigger foot than that, so I got some of the large/extra larges to show you how these go on. So, basically you just slide them over top your toe, like so, and then this little grab handle on the back here makes it easy to pull back over your heel.

And because that is that rubber material it's going to fit very snugly and allow you to kind of adjust to fit your shoe. So, that will provide, right there on the ball of your foot, it's going to provide those metal spikes so that you can really dig into the ice, make sure that you're not going to slip and fall. And then just gives you an extra little traction here on the backside. When you're done with your hike or clearing off your car, whatever it is that you're doing, you just pull back on this tab and pull them off and store them again.These are a nice heavy-duty rubber, so I think they're going to last a good while. Obviously, probably not going to last a lifetime, but probably, in my mind, I would guess probably about a decade or so.

Should do a good job, especially if you're only wearing them infrequently. So, I think these are going to be a good investment for you, especially if you do have to deal with snow throughout the season, clearing off your car, or if you're going for a hike or something like that. My brother and I wore similar slip overs for our shoes, when we went out to Colorado and climbed a fourteener out there, and in the snow that day, it was pretty convenient to have spikes like this, to just kind of give you a little bit more traction as you're climbing that elevation, made it a little bit easier.So, I think you'll be very happy with these. Obviously, you want to make sure that you're getting the right size for yourself, so these are the seven, eight, and nines. If you have a nine to 13, you'll need the large to extra large size.

But I think you'll be very happy with these giving you a little extra traction because it's never fun to slip on the ice. So, that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.

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