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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4839120 Review

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Review of Titan Brake Actuator T4839120

Today, we're going to take a look at the Titan Swing-Away Actuator with the electric lockout for disc brakes. It fits a two-inch hitch ball and has a 7,500 pound weight capacity. This hydraulic actuator will synchronize your trailer brakes with your tow vehicle brakes. This one happens to be a space saving swing-away design. By that, let me show you, pull the clip out, pull the pin out, and you can see how the channel mount will cause the actuator to swing away. That's nice to have because it'll create a shorter tongue for storage of your trailer. This foldaway portion, you can see it swinging this way, you can get it to swing either way, right or left.

All you have to do, if you want it to go the other way, is remove this bolt, flip this channel mount over, put your bolt on this side, and you pin on this side, and it'll allow it to swing the other way. Simple as that. Let me go ahead and put the pin and the clip back in. It does have an electric reverse lockout. Let me try to turn this. If you look on the bottom, spin it around, right behind the master cylinder, they have a solenoid there, and it has a wire that you'll connect to the reverse light circuit.

What happens is, when you go into reverse, this will let you go in reverse without actuating your trailer brakes, because when you go in reverse, it'll activate that solenoid and stop so it doesn't apply any of the hydraulic fluid to the brakes. The breakaway kit is included. You can see the cable with the hook on the end. This attaches to the master cylinder underneath, here. Basically, this hook will attach to your tow vehicle.

If the trailer disconnects from the vehicle, it'll pull that breakaway cable that's attached to the master cylinder. That'll activate the brakes to lockup and keep the trailer from a runaway situation. This is a bolt-on application. You can see the hardware's included for mounting this. I got three bolts for the top, and three for the bottom, when installing this. Again, the application on this actuator is for hydraulic disc brakes.

If you notice right on the top, here, if you pop open this cap, that'll give you access. Can be removed and gives you access to the brake fluid in the master cylinder, if you need to add any fluid. It does fit the hitch ball size of 2 inches. I just want to show you this unique latch. It's sort of a neat design, very simple installation. What you'll do is go ahead and pull this pin out, and then on the top of the latch, there's this little round area with an indent, you just slide that, and then push up, and it'll release the coupler. Then you can hook it right up to the 2-inch ball. Push that down and it's locked in, but then you want to put the pin through to lock it permanently in place. That way, even if this unhooks, you can see it won't go up enough to release it. Then take your pin out, and then if you'd just clip it up, it'll release it from the hitch ball. Very simple installation. The pivot length, the pivot length on this will be measured from the center of the bolt, here, that the pivot's on to the center of where the hitch ball is. If we take a ruler, let me get a ruler, here, and we'll put it on here. We'll go center, center from the pivot bolt to the center. You can see it's going to be right at 22 inches for the pivot length. This mounts on the channel tongue size of 3 inches by 5 inches. Just to show you where that measurement is, this will mount to your channel tongue of your trailer, 3 inches by 5 inches tall. This will also mount on a 3-inch by 3-inch, or a 3-inch by 4-inch tongue, but you do have to use a spacer block. We do sell that separately on our website. It's listed on this product page as a related product, and it's part #T4842100. The weight capacity on this is 7,500 pounds, and the maximam tongue weight is 750 pounds. That should do it for the review on the Titan Swing-Away Actuator with the electric lockout for disc brakes. Fits a 2-inch hitch ball, and has a 7,500 pound weight capacity.

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