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Titan Brake Actuator - T2374400 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the replacement master cylinder assembly for the Titan or Dico 00:00:05 model 10 and 20 brake actuators for drum brakes. Now this replacement master cylinder assembly will fit the Titan or Dico model 10 and model 20 trailer brake actuators for drum brakes. Now trailer drum and disc brakes require different psi ratings, so that's why this part number can only be used on the drum brakes. Drum brakes usually meet 1,000 psi pressure, whereas the disc brakes need 1,600 psi. So this master cylinder has the orifice size that'll produce 1,000 psi pressure in the brake lines.The rubber boot end right here with the bracket on it, this connects to the actuator rod in the brake actuator. The other end right here has a plug in it.

You pull that plug out and there's threads in there. This is where the orifice will install for the connection to the brake lines on your trailer. Now the orifice connector that goes in here, that is sold separately. And it is part number T1209800. And it is listed on this product page as a related product.

So this part does include the master cylinder and the diaphragm style filler cap right up at the top here. That's where you'll put your brake fluid in. But that should do it for the review on the replacement master cylinder assembly on the Titan and Dico model 10 and 20 brake actuators for drum brakes.

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