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TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair - Pressure Gauges - TMG-090-39 Review

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Review of TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair TMG-090-39

Today we're going to take a look at the Tire Minder mechanical pencil style tire pressure gauge. Now this tire gauge will offer a plus or minus two PSI accuracy. The pressure range it'll read is from ten to 75 PSI and the units of measurement will be PSI or kPa which is kilopascal. It is an all metal construction, has a nice rubber coating to it. It is the pencil style with the pocket clip and what's nice on this one they do include this two times magnifier and that's used to help see the small numbers and increments on the pencil gauge. So when you put this on your tire gauge and that shoots out to go read it sometimes it's hard to see the numbers or the increments.

So let try to zoom in here to just to show you what'll happen, is you can see how small they are and then if you just slide that over you can see that it makes them a lot larger, so easier to see the magnifier does and there by you, the red will the kPa kilopascals. The black will be the PSI. Now I do want to give you a few overall dimensions on this. The other nice feature I do want to mention is on most pencil gauges you'll notice where you check the air pressure just like that if you'll notice on the other side there's a little pin there that'll, if you read it and it's too much pressure you can just flip it over, use that pin there to push down on the valve stem or the valve core, just like that pull that out in the air so you don't have to try to get your fingernail or anything in there. Now just to give you the measurements on this, the overall length of this, probably right about six inches and it's round in diameter so it's three eighths of an inch diameter, but that should do it for the review on the Tire Minder mechanical pencil style tire pressure gauge.

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