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TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair - Tire Pressure - TM55C-B Review

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Review of TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair TM55C-B

Today we're going to take a look at the Tire Minder tire pressure monitoring system for brass valve stems with a signal booster. Now, this kit is perfect for adding TPMS to your current vehicle. This is a Tire Minder system, which can monitor up to five tires, including the spare. It is designed for tires running 80 psi or below, that use the rubber or brass valve stem. And it continually updates while in motion. The transmitters, which are these portions right here, is what will screw onto your valve stems. Here's an example of the rubber stem with the brass.

And you can see they just screw on to each valve stem. The transmitters themselves only about .3 of an ounce. They do have the replaceable batteries. They are light-weight, external transmitters, so they're easily transferrable to winter tires, and back to summer tires. They will give you a real time tire pressure ready, and a tire temperature reading for each tire. They do use visible and audible high-low pressure alarms to help protect your tires.

And they even have a blow out alarm. Now this kit actually includes the signal booster, for use when installing these on a trailer. This will boost the signal, since the transmitters will be farther away from the monitor. The kid includes everything shown here on the table. The Tire Minder monitor, itself, very small and compact. The USB cable, and the car charger for charging it.

Has this nice adjustable suction cup mounting bracket. You can see, you can just open the arms up, take your monitor, and just push it closed to hold it into place. And then to remove it, just go ahead and push the handles will open up. Also, includes the four transmitters, which are these right here. The signal booster we had mentioned. This bag has the four anti-theft locks.

Does also include eight of the CR 1632 batteries that fit the transmitters. A few cable ties, and it even has this nice detailed operating manual. I do want to give you dimension on the monitor itself, because it is very small. The width on this, going to be right at 2-1/8 inches wide. Total height is going to be about 3-1/4 inches tall, and the depth is only about 5/8 of an inch deep. Now, I do want to show you the monitor, how it works. I'm going to go ahead and plug it in. I have a 12 volt power supply here that we can plug our charger into. If we plug that in there, the green light comes on to show it's working. We'll take our cable, plug that in, and on the other end is the micro USB. And we'll just plug into the bottom of the . And then basically, you just push that center button. And when you push that center button, you can see that it'll come on. And what's nice about thing, let me just go ahead and close in just a little bit, what's really nice about this monitor, if you notice, it'll give you right . Right now, it's showing, I can push it again, psi for each tire, and then right under it celsius for the temperature. If you want to change it, there's an up and down button. If you go ahead and push this, you'll see it's changing the temperature to celsius or fahrenheit, whatever you want to read. And if you push this one, it'll change the pressure from psi to kPa, which is kilopascal. So you do have some different adjustments you can make. And then, what I want to do, also. And this does turn off automatically if it's not, if there's no activity for about 15 minutes. Go ahead and unplug the charger. But that should do it for the review on the Tire Minder tire pressure monitoring system for brass valve stems, with the signal booster.