Review of Timbren Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - Axles - A35RD545E

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Timbren Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - Axles - A35RD545E Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System, with the 4" Drop Spindle and the Electric Brake Hubs, and has a 3500 lb weight capacity.Now this axle-less independent suspension system replaces your trailer's existing leaf spring suspension, and can eliminate the need for an axle. The independent action of this suspension reduces roll when your trailer's cornering, and allows you to maximize ground clearance, and minimize deck height. Your trailer can have the same side to side clearance as your tow vehicle. And of course, the low deck height makes it easy to load cargo from either the rear or the side.Now, because you're riding on rubber, your trailer will ride smoothly, and comfortably, whether you're navigating a rocky terrain or a highway asphalt. This suspension system provides a nice safe, smooth, quiet ride for your trailer. Has two separate units here that will replace your existing axle.

And the rubber springs they use are an AEON progressive rate spring, which will absorb road shock, support your trailer's load, delivers a nice stable ride regardless of load size, and it compresses, becomes stiffer as the load increases, boosting your spring strength.The rebound spring's right here. These will act as return devices to minimize rattle and bottoming out. They create constant pressure on the arm so the suspension's never completely relaxed. It is two independent units. Eliminates the need for a thru axle.

The advantages of that is it increases your ground clearance, the lower deck height we mentioned for easier loading and unloading, reduce roll during cornering, and basically it'll fit any trailer width.It does have built-in camber and toe-in to help your trailer track straight, reducing wear on your tires. The 4" Drop, EZ Lube spindles here with the electric brake hubs and assemblies, accept any 5-bolt wheels with regular tires. The electric brakes will offer more control than hydraulic brakes. Now you do need to remember that with electric brakes, it will require an electric brake controller, which we do sell separately on our website.Now, the 4" Drop provides a lower ground clearance. The EZ Lube, you can see the grease Zerk fittings on the end of the spindle, that's an EZ Lube spindle.

This feature makes it very easy to grease your bearings without having to remove your complete hub. These spindles can be removed from the units for simple replacement if they're damaged.Does include everything shown here. It comes with all the bearings, the braces, the seals. Everything you need to install them, it's all included with the hub.These parts are heavy-duty steel construction. They have a nice black powder coat finish to resist wear and corrosion.

It's very easy to install and align. You just bolt or weld it to your trailer's frame.Specs on this: it's designed to fit 1-axle or 2-axle trailers that use regular tires. It is not recommended for triple-axle applications. Again, the bolt pattern on these hubs are going to be 5 on 4-1/2". Weight capacity is going to be 3500 lbs. And it is for a quantity of 2 suspension units, with the electric brake hubs.But that should do it for the review on the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System with the 4" Drop Spindle, the Electric Brake Hubs, and a 3500 lb weight capacity.

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