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Thule Vehicle Organizer - Seat Console - TH7023 Review

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Review of Thule Vehicle Organizer TH7023

Today we're going to show you the Thule Go Box, part number TH7023. The Go Box from Thule is a collapsible storage system that you can use in the rear of your vehicle or in your trunk to help keep items organized. Right now it's collapsed. To un-collapse it, just undo the plastic hooks on either side and stretch the box out. Take the two hard floor panels and press them down into the bottom of the box. The box has anti-skid rubber pads on the bottom to keep the box from sliding around too much in the rear of your vehicle and its lined with a tarpaulin material in the bottom that way your white gear wont get your trunk wet or if you set it out on the ground, water wont sip up through the bottom of the bag.

On the interior is a divider as well as a meshed storage pocket. You've also got storage pockets on either end of the box where you can store small items to keep them organized and handy. There's a handle at either end of the box to make it nice and easy to remove even when fully loaded. Overall dimensions of the box come out to about 25-inches in length, about 12-inches in height, and about 14-inches across. The Go Box also comes with a cover that stretch fits on top.

They also provide two access points so you can pull the handle through and move the box around with the cover in place. And that does it for the Thule Go Box, part number TH7023.

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