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Review of Thule Luggage - Storage Container - TH306929

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Thule Luggage - Storage Container - TH306929 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Thule Go Box Medium Collapsible Storage Container.Now, this part is perfect to store all kinds of things in your garage or even in your vehicle's trunk or cargo area. Basically you can see it in the collapsed position, and if you just push in on both ends, you can see it . unclip these plastic hinges or clips and you can see that it'll open up fully. And also inside right here you can see they have these hard plastic panels that'll lay flat. Push them down to form the floor and give support to the container.So basically you can see when this is fully open, it's going to measure about 24" long. Width is right at 14" wide and the overall height is right at 12" tall.

It is a nice black and gray color. Makes it very easy with these integrated handles on each end to carry things around in, and it's made of a durable water resistant, 100% polyester material.On each end, they have these side pockets to help keep any fragile items safe and close at hand. You can see this large pocket here. You could put your iPad in there, your cell phone, or any other items like that. Over on this end, it's sort of a smaller one with these elastic straps, probably for bigger items like maybe a water bottle or something.

Also the other nice thing it has on this, you pull out of the middle here, you have this foldable cap that'll give you rain protection without adding any extra weight. So basically on this cap, as you can see, you can unhook the Velcro straps so you can bring your handles through there.Then if you just put this over the whole top, whoop, just like that, it's got an elastic cord on the bottom that'll let you stretch it over when this is all filled up. And once you get it all stretched over, then you can pull your handles through. There's your handle. Just pull that through on this side and then Velcro the cap together.

And the same over here, you just pull your handle through and Velcro that cap on there, and then just pull that elastic strap down as far as it'll go and that'll help protect it from any bad weather. Or also if you're storing this in a SUV, maybe in the rear and you've got it filled up with stuff, you don't want people looking in seeing what you got in there, this'll also cover it that way. But you can carry it around even with the cap on there. Then when you're not using it, just remove it and then fold it up, and then right in the middle here, there's a little mesh area that you can just stuff that in there and carry it just like that out of the way.The other nice thing is, let me show you on the bottom of this. You can see over here and then right over there's two hard plastic grips that have points to them, and that's to keep this container from sliding around in your trunk or cargo area.

So when you drop this down on your carpet, those would keep it from sliding back and forth. This is foldable, so in other words, if you go to fold it, just pull up on this panel, has a little ring there, elastic ring that you can pull up on. Pull up both panels and then just push it completely closed, and then have your clips locked on this side and lock the one on this side, and then you can see it's all in the collapsed position.The thing I like about this, it is a really nice design. The nice thing about it is they did put a lot taller sides on the . With taller sides here compared to some of the other models we sell where they're shorter, these taller sides will allow more items to store in the container and not fall out. I do like them having the taller sides. This is also available, if this is too small, if you want a little bit larger one, we do sell a larger size of this. It's 24 by 18, so a little bit wider and also 12" tall. We do sell that separately on our website. It's part number TH306930. But again, you can just collapse it and hook it on both ends just like that, and then you can store it in a small place in your cargo area or trunk.But that should do it for the review on the Thule Go Box Medium Collapsible Storage Container.

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