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Thule Laptop Bags and Cases - Laptop Bag - TH3203842 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Thule crossover two laptop bag. This is going to allow you to carry and protect your laptop, tablet, files, and other accessories. This is going to be ideal as a carry on bag while you're traveling. Our overall dimensions are going to be right about 17 and three eighths of an inch wide by 12 and five eighths of an inch tall.

Our overall depth is going to be right about five and seven eighths of an inch. So it will fit on most airlines as a checked bag either under your seat or in the overhead storage compartment. We still have a total capacity of 26 liters, so it's going to give us plenty of space inside to hold all of our items. Some customers even talk about going beyond the laptop and tablet business kind of accessories and adding in a change of clothes or a toiletry bag, which is always a good idea when you're traveling just in case your checked bag doesn't make it. Our compartments, we've got several different ones here.So our front compartment is going to have several different pockets, slip pockets, electric loops for our cords.

We're also going to have a zip mesh pocket here that we can store a backup battery. Our power pocket cord is going to allow us to run a cord out from inside that pocket so where we can charge our phone or other electronic devices while we're traveling. We also have a RFID blocking pocket here. We can store secured devices like our passport, wallet, anything that we're concerned about. A RF signal being sent out.Our second pocket here is our crushproof safe zone.

So it's going to be where you're going to want to store any of your sensitive items, sunglasses, lotions, things like that that you don't want squirting out all over the place. This is a hardened area, so it's going to help protect any of those more sensitive items. This third zipper back here is our main large pocket, so we've got some side pockets here for file folders, documents like that. We've got some open space. Got some headphones in here.

This is probably where you'd want to throw in those clothes if you're going to bring them. Then on the side here we've got a nice soft line sleeve that's going to protect a tablet up to 10.1 inches.Our next zipper back is actually not a compartment, but it's going to allow us to expand the bag by two and a half inches for additional space. So if we need more space in that big pocket for clothes or if we're bringing in a lot of files with us, something like that, we can expand the bag. Keep in mind that will kind of push the boundaries on the under seat, checked bag, or carry on bag limits for some airlines. So you do want to make sure that you're paying attention to that. Then our last zipper on the top here is our laptop bag. This will allow us to hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop or a 15 inch Macbook depending on what kind of laptop you've got.It's nice and padded in there, so it's going to keep it all protected. Then on the back we've got one last zipper. This is just a small pocket that we can put our boarding pass or any other items that we want to keep close at hand, easy access to in there. Then we've also got this pass through panel that we can slip over our wheeled baggage handle so that it's right there resting on top of our wheeled luggage, easy to transport through the airport. We've got several different methods of transporting this. You can see we've got the carry handles on top here. We've also got a removable padded shoulder strap that can quickly connect onto these side pockets here. Be very easy to throw this over your shoulder, carry it through the airport if you prefer that over putting it onto your checked luggage while you're wheeling it around.So lots of different options. This is a very lightweight bag. It only weighs about three pounds thanks to the aluminum hardware. It's also got a water resistant nylon fabric, so it's going to help keep it dry, be very durable. As you can see, it is a black bag. It's got kind of that textured finish with the stitching there. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Thule. Overall I think it's going to be a great bag for businessmen, people who are going to be taking files along with them, traveling a lot. This bag should hold up very well for you, and it's got lots of different compartments for all of your electronics and things that you would need to bring on your trip. That's going to complete our look at the Thule crossover two laptop bag. Thanks for watching.

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