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Review of Thule Cargo Bags THTEMD-115BLK

Today well be reviewing partner number THTEMD-115BLK. This is the Thule En Route Mosey Laptop Backpack with iPad Sleeve. It has a 28 liter capacity and its in color black. This lightweight backpack is going to let you transport your gear and electronics. We go and open up the interior here, the main compartment and well show you what it looks like inside. You are going to see two different sleeve compartments. The back sleeve is a padded protective sleeve that holds a 15" MacBook Pro or other laptop up to 14.6".The sleeve on top of that one has an interior sleeve pocket that accommodates an iPad or other tablet up to 10.1".

This hooded main compartment with a cinch strap closure allows for easy access to our gear and also a wide opening for loading textbooks or other gear that we may have. Here at the top we have a stash pocket with a hook on the inside thats going to help keep our small items close at hand. Here on the outermost part of the interior we have pocketed panels, the inside of this main compartment that can help us organize our gear such as snacks, maybe some electronics, or other accessories that we may be hauling. Let me go and seal that back up.Here on the sides of our pack we have a Crushproof SafeZone. This is going to help protect out fragile accessories such as sunglasses or small electronics. We have one of those on each side of our p ack.

They are lockable with a simple luggage padlock that is sold separately. We also have elastic side panels. These pockets help keep our water bottles within easy reach; very flexible to accommodate bottles of different sizes. Here on the back side we have a nice padded backpack straps and airflow channels on this back panel that help create comfortable and it will also keep this cool when hauling. These do have the best-in-class YKK zippers with easy-grab pulls, nice light blue grab pulls. Also stamped aluminum hardware, and its water-resistant to ensure durability with a nylon.Again, this is in black.

It has a capacity of 28 liters. Weighs 1.7 lbs. Our overall dimensions, we have about 18.1" in height, 11" in width and when fully expanded its going to measure about 10.2" deep. This also comes with 25-Year limited warranty. Thats going to complete todays review of part number THTEMD-115BLK.

The Thule En Route Mosey Laptop Backpack with iPad Sleeve. .

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