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Thule Bike Accessories - Handlebar Bag - TH100080 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100080

Speaker: Today well be reviewing part number TH100080. This is the Thule pack and pedal basic handle bar bags for bikes measuring 9 liters in capacity and its in a nice dark grayish black material.This storage back is going to mount in your Thule pack and pedal handle bar attachment, part number TH100037. This piece is sold separately. It simply attaches to the back portion here. It just simply connects into place. This portion here is the portion that goes around the handle bar, and you have numerous attachment points to attach different objects and accessories.To release, all you need to do is press in on the button on the top and it simply disconnects from the bag.

The nylon coated construction along with the thermoplastic polyurethane is really going to help this bag stand up well against abrasions, UV rays, and mold and mildew. It does have this really nice roll top design and PX4 level waterproof radiant, which just ensures that the bag is going to remain protected, and more importantly, the gear inside is going to remain protected from heavy rain and splashes. The roll top closure also doubles as a convenient carrying handle. The integrated loops on the bag are there to let you attach different items, most importantly a safety light. You can attach them at these points here or you can attach a safety light here at the front of the bag where it would be more visible with the loop right underneath the Thule logo. This does have reflective stripping in the Thule logo. Thats really going to help drivers and other riders to be able to see you.

Its going to increase your visibility. Again, this does have a capacity of 9 liters. With the bag in this posture, its going to give us a width of 10 and 1 quarter inches wide. Our depth is going to measure 6 and three quarters of an inch, and the height of our bag is going to measure about 10 inches and thats including the handle.To open up the bag, we simply just undo the buckle here at the top. On the outside you can see that we have a pocket on each side of the bag as well as a zipper compartment here at the front.

SoIf we open up our bag, you can see the amount of space inside that we have to work with. Also you can see that the lower portion here has a nice skeletal structure, which is going to help the bag stand up on its own. That way we can reach in, grab out items and not have to worry about the top of the bag collapsing.Also if the bag does get wet, this is a good feature to have because its not going to collapse and allow the moisture from the outside of the bag to drip on your gear, whether youre in the coffee shop or just pulling over for a break on a bench or whatever.This is going to keep the moisture from the outside of the bag, keeping that good upright posture not allowing anything to get inside and damage your gear.With the bag in this posture its going to give us an overall height of about 14 and 5/8 of an inch. The bag itself is very light weight. It weighs just right about a pound.To close it up we simply just roll the top back down, and we can bring our hook over to each other, snap it in place and were ready to make our connection and get back on our way.

Thats going to complete todays review of part number TH100080. This is the Thule pack and pedal basic handle bar bag for bikes. .

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