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Thule Bike Accessories - Pannier Bag - TH100065 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100065

Today, we'll be reviewing part number TH100065. This is the Thule Pack n Pedal small adventure touring pannier bag for bike racks measuring 15.5 liters.It has a really nice stylish zinnia color that's going to stand out whether it's day or night. This bag is light weight but very durable and mounts on your bicycle so you can easily carry your cargo. Has a very large main compartment that provides plenty of storage space for all your touring gear. Very simplistic roll-top design with snap buckles on the side that lets you easily load and access your cargo.There are no zippers on this pack, so you dont have to worry about any water or moisture coming through your zippers and getting on the contents of what you're holding inside your bag. This does quickly and easily attach to either side of your bike with a patented vanishing hardware.

All you need to do is push on the upper portion of that bar and it's going to expose the mounting hardware, and this mounts directly to the Thule Tour Rack part #TH100016, and that item is sold separately.This system will fit virtually any rack on the market with the included adapter hardware. This portion here is a rare earth magnet that's going to hold the pack tight against your bike, so it won't swing around while you're riding. This connects to the frame of your bike, and as you can see that magnet grabs onto the bag, so it's not going to move during your ride. We also have an integrated top handle and the shoulder strap that's going to allow for comfortable carrying when you're not riding.Here on the front, it does have a compression strap that reduces the size of the bag when it's empty, or it also allows you to customize it to fit a variety of loads. On each side of the bag, we have a see-through bike-like pocket thats going to hold your blinking lights, so that eliminates the need for any extra attachments on your bike.This bag is a waterproof, breathable PVC-free design.

Its also going to stand up well against abrasions, scuffs, and tears. It has reflective trim and the Thule logo that's going to help increase your visibility and low light conditions and increase your safety. Here on this mount on the back side, when you detach it from your bike, you can simply push back down, flip it, so that way it's flat and it's not going to snag your clothes or be annoying and clip you on the side.It makes it very comfortable just to put around and hold up against your body without irritating you. Again, this bag does have a carrying capacity of 15.5 liters. With the bag in this posture, it's going to give us a width of around 11.5 inches wide.

It's going to give us a height of about 12 inches and it's going to measure about 4-3/4 of an inch in depth.To gain access to the bag, we just need to undo the buckles here on the side, allow to unroll, and then we can open it up and gain access to the inside of the bag. You can see the amount of space that we have in there.With the bag in this position that overall height increases to around 20 inches tall. When we're done, we can just simply roll back up, snap our buckles, and were ready to make our connection back to our bike and go.That's going to complete todays review of part #TH100065; this is the Thule Pack n Pedal small adventure touring bag. .

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