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Thule Bike Accessories - Pannier Bag - TH100060 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100060

Today well be reviewing part number TH100060. This is the Thule Pack n Pedal Adventure Touring Pannier Bag for bike racks. It does have a 27-liter capacity and its in a nice bright zinnia color, which is really going to help it stand out during the day or at night in lowlight conditions. This lightweight durable bag is going to mount directly onto your bicycle so you can carry your cargo. All you need is the Thule Tour Rack; part number TH100016, which is sold separately. This has a really nice large main compartment. It has a really simple to use roll top design that also allows for easy loading and access to your cargo.

It doesnt have any zippers on it so you dont have to worry about those snagging on anything, or eventually maybe weakening and letting in some water. The roll top just unrolls and then you have to access to your large main compartment. You can kind of get an idea by seeing in there just how much space you have to work with. Its a pretty good sized bag. This will fit virtually any rack on the market with the included adapting hardware, which is right here. That is included with the purchase of the bag.

Another great feature about this pack is that it has vanishing hardware on the back that hides behind a rotating plate when the pack isnt mounted so it wont snag your clothes, or poke your sides.Whenever youre ready to use it you just push up on the top part of that vanishing hardware. Roll out to expose the connection points that connect directly to the Thule Tour Rack. A nice little pull tab here that easily will rotate the buckles to disengage from the pack. Its just a very simple to use design. Then again when youre ready to just carry it around for the day you can simply push on the vanishing hardware and rotate it back into a nice flat design so its not going to snag your clothes or irritate you as you carry it. Another great feature is that it has this rare earth magnet that holds the pack tightly against your bike so it wont swing around while youre riding.

This mounts to your bicycle. Then as soon as your bag is mounted it catches the magnet and it keeps the bag stable when youre riding your bicycle. It has an integrated top handle and a shoulder strap that can be removed that allows for comfortable carrying when youre not riding your bike. Here on the front we have two compression straps that reduce the size of the bag when its empty. Or it allows you to customize the size of your bag to fit a variety of loads that you may be carrying. Here on the ends we have two see-through pockets that can work as bike light pockets, which will conveniently hold your blinking lights so theres no need for extra attachments on your bike. Its made out of a waterproof, breathable PVC-free Cordura material thats really going to help it stand up well against resisting abrasions, scuffs and tears.

A really nice reflective trim on the bag as well as the Thule logo. So its going to help increase your visibility in lowlight conditions and increase your safety when riding. Again, it does have that bright zinnia color so it is going to increase your visibility in lowlight conditions. Whether its day or night youre going to be highly visible with this pack. Again, it does have a carrying capacity of 27-liters. Well go over a few dimensions real quick. When its fully extended or when its fully filled, well turn it around to the back; its going to allow us to have more structural design when measuring. Its going to give us a width of right around 12 inches. A height, and again this is a roll top design, so you dont have to roll the bag all the way down if you have larger loads inside your pack. But at its tallest design with being able to roll the top, were going to have a measurement of about 23 inches. As far as depth goes, its going to measure about 6 inches deep. The bag itself weighs just over three pounds. Again, its a very nice, stylish pack that is great for touring, riding or just an everyday pack as you commute or carry it around. Thats going to complete todays review of the Thule Pack n Pedal Adventure Touring Bag; part number TH100060. .

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