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Thule Bike Accessories - Trunk Bag - TH100055 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100055

Today well be reviewing part # TH100055. This is the Thule Pack n Pedal Trunk Bag for bike racks. Its in a nice dark grey black material. This handy trunk bag is going to provide 11 liters of storage space for your gear. It uses simple hook and loop attachments to allow for quick and easy installation on any bike rack. The roll-top closure and welded seams provide for waterproof protection for your gear, and the roll-top also doubles as a convenient carrying handle. Now this bag is designed to perfectly fit between two Thule pannier model bags, mounted on either side of your bike rack.

On one end, it has a translucent exterior pocket thats going to let you use and store a safety light in one location. The durable nylon construction with the thermo-plastic polyurethane coating is going to stand up against abrasions, UV rays and mold and mildew. Here on the outside again you have that translucent pocket. You have also another just generic pocket here on the other end. You have a zipper compartment and you just have a regular slide-in compartment. Now, with our bag in this posture, we are going to have about 12 and of an inch in width, about 9 inches to the top of the handle, and about 6 inches in depth. To open up our bag, we just need to undo the fastener here at the top and then we can just open it up. Now this does have a semi-hard shell that goes around 02:00 the perimeter at the base on the inside of our bag.

So it does have that hard-shell bottom. Its really going to help the bag maintain its shape when were in use. You can see that I dont have to be holding it up for it to remain open. I can easily reach in there, grab out the things that I need. So this bag is going to be a very convenient accessory addition to your bike, and its also going to add a hint of style. So if I tip it over to you, you can see how much space we have in there to work with.

Its really got some nice features. So basically our measurements stay the same except our height measurement does change. Its going to increase to about 14 3/8 inches in length or in height. To close it up, just fold down or roll up the top, bring our buckles to each other and then we can pretty quickly put it back onto our bike rack and get back on our way. Thats going to complete todays review of part # TH100055. This is the Thule Pack n Pedal Trunk Bag for bike racks. .

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