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Thule Bike Accessories - Pannier Bag - TH100011 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100011

Today we'll be reviewing part number TH100011. This is the Thule Pack 'N Pedal Commuter Pannier bag for bikes with an eighteen liter capacity. It's in nice mars color, which appears to be kind of a blend between red and orange. This rugged and stylish bag is going to mount on either side of your bicycle rack so that you can easily carry your gear. Has the vanishing hardware here on the back which we'll go over here in a minute. Has a large main compartment that's going to provide plenty of storage for all your important work or sports gear.

To gain access to that we just need to undo the loop from the buckle and then we'll take advantage of this roll-top design. As we unroll that, the flap here has a compartment that you can put some gear in that you need to access quickly. Really nice, convenient storage to have. Here on the inside, you can see the space we have to work with. Here on the back, we have a nice, internal sleeve that will hold up to a fifteen inch laptop and it's going to help keep your computer safe during transport. Has a really nice, rubberized, stand-up base that provides easy bag packing and use.

We can go ahead and close our bag. We just roll it shut, bring the top portion over. There's a loop here on the back that we can loop it through, right here. Feed it back under the handle at the front and secure it with that little clip, sliding it through our loop. This will quickly and easily attach to the left or right side of your bike rail with the patented vanishing hardware. It's going to mount directly to the Thule Tour Rack, part number TH100016, which is sold separately.

It's going to fit virtually any rack on the market. It does come with the included hardware that you need. Another great feature about this vanishing hardware is that it does hide inside the pack simply by pushing on one of the corners. That way it's going to hold the pack tight against your body so it won't snag your clothes or poke your sides when it's not attached to your bike. Another neat feature that comes with the mounting hardware is a rare earth magnet. This portion attaches to the frame of your bike.

That way, when you attach the mounting hardware up here at the brackets, it has a magnet inside the bag that will attach to the earth magnet attached to your bike which will hold your pack tightly and securely against you bike when you ride. I know this does have an internal sleeve pocket for a laptop and a magnet. Usually those two don't go together, but Thule has made sure that magnet does not affect the technology or our laptop. It won't damage our screen or any of the components. Here on the top, we have a nice handle and a messenger-style shoulder strap included for comfortable carrying when you're not biking. This does provide us with a compression strap here at the front to reduce the size of the bag when it's empty or you can customize the size to fit a variety of loads. Also, here on the back there's two loops at the base, so you can adjust the shoulder strap to different positions. We have a couple see-through pockets, here on the edges of our bag that is going to hold your blinking bike light, so there's no need for external attachments or extra attachments on your bike. This bag is made from a waterproof, breathable, PVC-free cordura material. It's really going to stand up well against abrasions, scuffs, and tears. Has nice, reflective trim on the outer portion of the bag as well as the Thule logo which is going to help increase your visibility in low light conditions. The carrying capacity, again, is about eighteen liters. This bag is going to stand about twenty-three and one quarter inches tall, fifteen and three quarter inches wide, and it's flattened now, but when it's loaded with gear it's going to be about five and a half inches deep and the bag weighs just right over three pounds. That's going to do it for today's review of part number TH100011. This is the Thule Pack 'N Pedal Commuter Bag with eighteen liter capacity. .

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