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Thule Bike Accessories - Pannier Bag - TH100010 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100010

Today we'll be reviewing part number TH100010. This is the Thule Pack n' Pedal commuter Pannier Bag for Bike Racks. It's going to have a capacity of 18 liters and it's in color black. The rugged and stylish pannier bag mounts on either side of your bicycle rack so that you can easily carry your cargo. This does have a pretty good sized main compartment that's going to provide plenty of storage for all your important work or sports gear. We'll take a look at the inside in a second. Just want to go over the outside.

We have a couple different stash-pockets. We have some transparent pockets, one on each side here, that our going to allow us to drop in our bike lights. That way we don't have to worry about any additional accessories mounted to our bike. That, along with the reflective trim and Thule logo, is going to increase our visibility in low-light conditions, make it a little bit safer to travel when carrying a bag. This does have a roll-top design with the snap-buckles that lets you easily load and access your cargo. There's no zippers on this pack, so you don't have to worry about any water getting through to your gear through the way of the zipper.

This does have a rubberized stand-up base on the bottom that provides easy bag-packing and use. One of the neat features about this bag is that it does have the patented vanishing hardware. This mounts directly to the Thule Tour Rack, part number TH100016, which is sold separately. The hooks here would fit on the rack, and then when your ready to release you just pull up on the blue rubberized t-handle and it's going to allow to detach it from the rack. When you're ready to haul this up against you, this system simply flips over; that way you don't have to worry about it snagging your clothes or poking you in the side. This portion here would attach to your bike; it also comes with a few additional mounting hardwares to virtually fit any rack on the market.

This portion here attaches to your bike and it has a rare-earth magnet that's going to hold this pack tightly against your bike so it won't swing around during transporting. You can see how it just snaps onto the pack, and it's going to hold it very close to the bike when you're riding. It does have a couple different handles. It has a top handle and it also has a messenger-style shoulder strap that's going to provide a lot of comfort when you're carrying, not biking. Another great feature is on the outside; we do have compression straps that reduce the size of the bag when it's empty. It also allows you to customize the bag to fit a variety of whatever different-size loads that you may be hauling.

This is made from a waterproof, breathable, PVC-free Cordura material that's really going to stand up well against abrasions, scuffs, and tears. Again, the reflective trim is a great feature to have when it comes to increasing the amount of safety during transportation. The shoulder strap can mount to either side with the two hooks. You have them on the opposite side; it does mount diagonally. That way you can easily throw this over your shoulder and carry it across your body. Got a pocket here up front, nice stash pocket that we can simply fit some stuff into. To gain access to the contents or the inside of the pack, we just need to undo the loop-strap, and that is adjustable. It comes out of its hold, flips open, nice little stash pocket on the inside to hold materials such as credit cards, debit cards - whatever it is you may be hauling - a wallet, a phone, iPod. We have that roll-top design that allows us to open the bag and gain access to the inside. You see we have plenty of space in there. Also in here is a laptop sleeve that's going to keep your computer or tablet safe during transport. It will accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop. When not in use you can simply roll that back down, bring the fastener over through the loop on the backside, back to the front, and simply fit the hook through the loop, and it's going to hold it place and you can tighten it down. The dimensions of the pack: it's going to measure about 15 and 3/4 inches wide, about 17 inches in height when it's rolled up. When it is fully extended with the pack open, that measurement increases to about 23 and 1/4 of an inch. It's going to measure about 5 and 1/2 inches in depth. The bag itself weighs right around 3 pounds, very easy and manageable. It does have a carrying capacity of 18 liters. Very nice, stylish, bag. You'll be very happy with it. That's going to complete today's review of part number TH100010; that's the Thule Pack n' Pedal Commuter Pannier Bag for Bike Racks. .

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