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Thule Bike Accessories - Tote Bag - TH100001 Review

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Review of Thule Bike Accessories TH100001

Today we're reviewing part number TH-100001. This is Thule'sPack and Pedal Urban Tote Bag for bike racks. It has a capacity of 23.5 liters. It will hold plenty of gear, as you can see. It's almost eight inches deep, that's 4 wide, this way. So, as you can see, it will hold a lot of stuff.

For example it will hold a sack full of groceries, if you are biking to the grocery store. The material is resistant to abrasions, scuffs and tears and because it's black it's not going to show a lot of dirt. It has some reflective trim and the Thule name, right here, also is reflective. This particular bag is designed to fit on the Thule Tour Rack, which fits on the back wheel of your bicycle. The Thule Tour Rack is part number TH-100016.

That is sold separately, and this bag fits neatly onto it, and I will show you how that works in a moment. In fact, this bag will fit on any rack as long as you use the adaptive hardware, which Thule very nicely includes for you. There's your two pieces of adaptive hardware and then you have a universal bracket here, which also helps you to install it on another rack. I'llshow you this piece in just a moment. You can carry this bag several ways. There is one handle on the outside here, it has a cushion top for your handso you'll be comfy.

There are two handles that tuck inside when you're not using them. They also have a cushion top to protect your hands. They're very cushy. When you're not using them just tuck them into the bag. You also have a zippered compartment here.

When you get the bag, the shoulder strap will be stuffed in there, so you want to unzip it and take out the shoulder strap. Adjust it to your height and your chest so that it fits you just the way you like. It's completely adjustable.One end is sewn into that integrated pocket and the other end simply buckles into a standard plastic buckle. It is completely adjustable, andIt has a nice padded cushion at the top for your shoulder so that's comfy to carry. The bottom of the bag is a really sturdy vinyl, so that's not going to scuff ortear either. Let me show you how it installs. As I said, it's made for the Thule Tour Rack, so what you have is a frame on both sides of the rear wheel,and then you have a rack that fits onto both of those sides. Then you attach this bag to the rack. This is what they call their invisible hardware, and as you can see there is nothing there. There's nothing to bump into your hip if you're carrying it as a tote bag with the handles. But, if you push on the top, there's your hardware for installing it onto the Thule Tour Rack. Now, we don't have a bicycle here with the Tour Rack installed, but I do have the top part of the Thule Tour Rack. Imagine this over the rear wheel, if you will. To install the tote to that part, simply pull up on the blue tab and it pops right on. There you have it. Imagine this rack sitting over the rear wheel, and thenthe bag is kind ofagainst the wheel. Thento remove it from the rack, pull up again and it pulls right off. Then you want to put it away by tucking the tab back in, like that. It has a slot so it fits in neatly, and it looks just like it did coming from the factory. Then push on the bottom of the bar and flip it over the other way and there you have your invisible hardware. This bag is designed to fit on the left wheel, or next to the left wheel of your bicycle. The reason we say that, is there is a translucent pocket here and I don't know if you can see my thumb inside, but it's not transparent, but it is translucent and that's there so that you can drop in a strobe light or a reflector or a flashlight. We happen to have a little strobe light here and I'm going to drop it in so you can see how it flashes at night. Nowit doesn't look like much with all our cameraoverhead lightshere, but you can see it flashing clearly. At night, it's a very good reflector for the traffic behind you and that will help keep you safe. So if this pocket is facing the rear, then the bag must be on the left side of the rearwheel. We'll take our strobe out so thatdoesn't distract us. This Thule logo on the front is reflective. Thetrim on the pocket is reflective. So, with all that and the strobe light or flashlight inside the pocket, that will keep you visible and safer at night. This bag is 15.7 inches tall, 11.8 inches wide and 7.9 inches deep. It has a carryingcapacity of 23.5 liters and it weighs only 2.5 poundsso it is easy to tote around either by hand or on your bike. If you would like to see a longer demonstration of how this fits on the Thule Tour Rack, take a look at the installation video on the product page on our website. There's a nice long video there that shows you exactly how the rack is installed and how the bag fits onto the rack. This bag does come with a 5 year limited warranty. There you have it for part number TH-100001, the ThulePack and Pedal Urban Tote Bag for bike racks. .

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