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Review of Thule Bike Accessories - Child Seat - TH12020232

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Thule Bike Accessories - Child Seat - TH12020232 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're taking a look at the Thule Yepp Maxi child bike seat. This bike seat is going to allow you to take your little one with you on those bike rides and it is designed with your child's safety in mind so you're not going to have to worry about them back here, you can stay focused on the road. It's got a five-point harness that has a child-proof buckle that you have to push in on the sides as well as in the middle to release so you don't have to worry about the kids on doing themselves accidentally. You also have your foot rests with the straps to keep their feet in place.

You don't have to worry about them kicking you, distracting you, or just having their feet where they shouldn't be. You also have the shielding here that's going to prevent their feet and their legs from getting in your bikes, spokes, and causing damage.And on the back here we have three different reflectors that are going to make us more visible to motorists on the roadways. One of the nicest things about this bike seat, is that it is going to grow with your children. We all know how quickly kids outgrow the things we buy for them. This is going to make it a worthwhile investment, because we're going to be able to use it for several years before they're too big for it.

It is designed for children from nine months up to six years, although they do recommend that you consult your pediatrician for any child under the age of 12 months. The max weight capacity is 48 and a half pounds. There's a lot of adjustability to accommodate those growing kids. We have our straps here, which can easily be expanded. So if we need to get it over a helmet, or if the kids are getting bigger, we'll have plenty of room there.You also have a strap holes up here.

If we need to raise these up, the kids are getting taller. Our foot rests, kind of this locking mechanism here on the back that we can undo lower So their legs are getting longer. You also have foot straps that we can expand as the feet get bigger. Really, it's going to make it worth probably two or three different bike seats that are not adaptable because the kids are going to be able to use them for several years. It's a very comfortable design which is going to not only keep the kids happy, but probably also going to help you be a little bit happier because he could probably go on longer rides for longer they are willing to endure.

It's got a padded harness here that's going to prevent the straps from cutting into their shoulders and their neck.The padding on the seat is very durable, very shock absorbing, sped out EPA, so it's going to make it a much more comfortable ride for them. It also has drain holes here that's going to allow any liquids that are spilled to drain out, making it a much drier ride, and it's going to promote air flow it's going to make it cooler on those warmer days. And it's very easy to clean because this is water resistant so you just scrub it down with some soapy water, spray it off with a hose and it's going to dry a lot faster than some of your other materials out there. As far as the installation, it's very easy to install. You put your mounting brackets on your bike. It's going to allow you to push the seat into the mounting bracket and I'll show you here how that works.So it can be disconnected and can ride your bike as normal. And then when you want to take your little one with you, just bring your seat, put it in place, push it in. We do have this green and red indicator to tell us when it's safe so we want to be sure that we push that in until that locks in place like that. In order to remove that, simply push in on the red button and pull out on the tab there. And it is recommended that you leave this mounting bracket on your bike so that in between rides you don't have to worry about the seat, but then when you're ready to take your little one with you again, you can attach the seat again.You can also buy an additional Thule Yepp Maxi frame adapter to mount on a second bike. If you want to trade between a mom and dad riding so that the one doesn't have to carry the load the whole time. And you can find that second adapter here using the part number TH12020401 it's going to make it a lot easier or if you have a second bike that you switched between maybe a mountain bike and a road bike, you can also use that to mount the seat to your bike.The adapter is going to fit like frames from 28 nanometers to 40 millimeters with a round tube. And that's going to be about an inch and an eighth to an inch and a half in diameter. Or if you have an elliptical tubes that will fit with a max diameter of 40 millimeters, which is about an inch and a half. The seat itself weighs just about 10 pounds. And then you can see it comes in blue here, or you can also find it in black, orange or ocean colored. And it comes with a five-year warranty from Thule. That's going to complete our look at the Thule Yepp Maxi child bike seats.

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