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Review of Thule Bike Accessories - Child Handlebar Mount Bike Seat - TH12020101

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Thule Bike Accessories - Child Handlebar Mount Bike Seat - TH12020101 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat. This is going to be a very easy and convenient way to take your little one on your frequent bike rides with you. This is going to mount on the front of your bicycle. So, unlike some of the other bike seats that mount behind you, this is going to allow you to keep an eye on your little one throughout the whole trip and it's going to give them a much better view as well so they can see what's coming and be more engaged with the ride, rather than just looking at your back the whole time. This is designed to have a weight capacity of 33 pounds so it's going to be great for those little ones that are nine months up to three years of age that fall into that weight category.Keep in mind, if you do have a little one that's younger than a year, you will want to make sure that your pediatrician clears them to ride along with you.

But, if they are ready to go, this is going to be a great option. It's very comfortable and very safe. So should be a good time for everyone. This is going to mount onto your bicycle's handlebar stem. This is going to fit with your Steel Quill and most Ahead Stems.

If you have a steel Quill Stem, it's going to work on your 0.83 inch up to a one point 10 inch diameter steel Quill Stems. And if you have an Ahead Stem, it's going to work with your one and one eighth inch diameter Ahead Stem. If you have a wider Ahead Stem, there is also an adapter available that's sold separately that will adapt to a wider stems. So, just something to keep in mind, but it is very easy to get installed.Take the bike seat off here so you can see, this is just going to screw or bolt on with these Allen bolts. Here.

They do include the Allen wrench for you to tighten those to your stem. So a very simple installation. Once you have that on there, you can very easily just set your bike seat in place very easily. Here we go. All right.So, let's go over some of the other nice features of this.

One, it is going to be very comfortable for your little one. We have padded padding on our straps here. The seat itself is very cushy. So, it's going to absorb a lot of that road shock and things to make it more enjoyable for them. It is a really nice material seat too. So if you have any leaks or spills or anything like that, very easy to clean off, just spray it down. Maybe put a little bit of soap on there and rinse it off.But, another really nice feature for me at least, is that it grows with your child. So, these feet straps and foot holders do adjust to your child's size. So, as they get bigger, you can extend these down. It's very easy to do on the backside here. There's just this little lever that you pop out and then pull down. There are these little notches as you go along there that you can set them in the nearest one for your child's leg length so that's going to be a big feature. Obviously, kids grow very quickly. So rather than having to buy a new bike seat as they continue to grow, this is going to grow with them so you're only buying one. Also, the straps here are going to adjust, obviously, as they're smaller, can tighten these down, make it tighter for them and then as they grow, you can expand them out.This is another nice feature of this bike seat. That's the five point harness. So, it's going to make sure that they're strapped in properly. The buckle here is a childproof buckle. So, you have to push in on the sides and in the middle to release it so they can't get themselves out. And then of course, the foot holds there to make sure that their legs are not kicking around and causing you to get off balance or anything like that. So it's very safe design, make sure that everyone's going to have a good time. It is mounted on a steel frame here. So, again, it's going to help support the weight and make sure that everything's going the way it should overall. I'd say this is going to be a great option for those of you who enjoy bike rides and want to take your kids along.It is very easy to rock in place on the backside here. You can see we've got a lock. They do include two keys. So, if you ever have to stop for a bathroom break or anything like that, take your little one out and then very easily lock this in place so that no one can come along and take the bike seat off the bike, walk away with it. But, when you do want to remove the bike seat, just make sure that's in the open position. There is a red button down there and then this gray slider. When you don't have the red button pushed in, that gray slider won't go anywhere. Same way when it's locked, that's not going to move at all. But then when you do want to remove the bike seat, push in on the red button and then lift up on that slider. That's going to release it and allow you to lift the bike seat up and off.And this is pretty lightweight. It's only about seven pounds. So it's not going to take much to remove it and adjust as needed. We'll note that the handle here is just for the kids to use, little handlebar there for them to hold on to. It's not designed to be a carrier. So, don't carry this with the handle. When your kids are in place, there is a little cutout there at the top that you can hold on to, to lift as you need. But, like I said, very easy to remove and put back in place so that you can get back to enjoying your trip.Now, this does come in three different colors. This is the black color, obviously. It also comes in blue and orange. You can find those using the part numbers that you see on the screen there. Overall, again, I think this is going to be a great option for you. Thule does have several different Yepp products, so this one is the smallest. There are bigger ones. So, if your child is above that 33 pound weight rating, I would recommend one of the other Thule Yepp products because they do a great job of making sure that they're going to be comfortable and enjoyable and safe for your little ones. So, I would highly recommend this child bike seat for you if you enjoy bike rides and want to take you a little along with you. So, that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.

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