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Review of Thule Bike Accessories - Child Bike Seat - TH12020211

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Thule Bike Accessories - Child Bike Seat - TH12020211 Review

Michael: Hi, there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to be taking a quick look at the Yepp Maxi EasyFit rear child bike seat by Thule. This is going to allow you to take your little one with you on those bike rides, so that you can both enjoy the outdoors. This is designed with your child's safety in mind, so there's a lot of different safety features that we'll go over here. But this is designed for attaching to the rear luggage rack on your bike.

It's that EasyFit connection, but if your bike rack doesn't have an EasyFit connection, you can find an adapter, see the part number on the screen there. So that will fit into your rear luggage rack to allow you to attach this bike seat, so that you can take the little ones with you.This is designed for children ages nine months up to six years, who are 48 and a half pounds or lighter. So if your child fits into that range, it's going to work well for them. Obviously, you want to consult your physician before you take a child that's under the age of one year old out on the bike, just to make sure that they're up for it, everything's in good condition. One of the things I like most about this bike seat, is that it's going to be able to grow with your child.

We know how quickly children grow and outgrow their clothes and different things, so that's one of the nice features here. It's got a lot of adjustability, so that your kids can use it for years and years, and you won't have to keep buying different seats for them.So let's go over some of the features. Obviously, your child's safety is very important. We've got a childproof buckle here. So not only do you have to squeeze in on the sides, but you also have to push in on that middle, so that it's a lot less likely that your kids will be able to handle that themselves.

You do have the five point harness to keep them in their seat, and you also have foot straps here, and these are a part of that adjustability that I was talking about. So as their little feet get bigger, you can adjust the strap to different heights, so that their feet will stay in the foot holders, and you don't have to worry about them kicking around or anything. We also have these leg guards here that are going to make sure that their feet aren't getting into the tire or spokes, where they could easily get pinched and cause problems there.We have reflectors on the back. We've got three reflectors here, so it's going to increase our visibility on those low light trips for inaudible 00:02:46, when it's starting to get dark, to help other riders, motorists, that sort of thing, see us. We also have this attachment point here, so not only is it going to be attached to our rear luggage rack, but this is going to wrap around our post that our bike seat is mounted to, so it's going to give it an extra attachment point, just to make an even more solid connection.

On the back side here, you can see we've got a locking mechanism. This is what is actually going to make it attach to our EasyFit window on our luggage rack.So once we have it in place, you just twist this knob, and that's going to extend this plate here. Once we have it fully extended, we can then use one of the two keys that are provided to lock that in place, so we don't have to worry about it wandering off, not being there when we come back, if we we're to leave our bike locked up somewhere, our seat is going to stay attached there. As you can see, that is not going to open to disengage that until we unlock it. So open that back up, and then even still, this plate isn't going to move, until we push in on this red button here, and then we can retract that plate again to remove the bike seat from our cargo carrier. So that's a nice little feature there.While I have you back here, I do want to show you the adjustable foot holds. So you can see we've got this tab, it's in the down position, in the lock position. We just lift that up, and that's going to allow us to raise these foot holds to accommodate shorter legs. So you can see it's now solid in position, so that we can start out with littler legs, and then continue to lower them as those legs get longer. This does also have the padded shoulder straps to make it much more comfortable for your little one while they're traveling.And the seat is a nice cushioned shock absorbing seat, so again, it makes it more comfortable for them, so they can enjoy the ride, maybe get a little farther down the road before they become unamused. And in addition to being a nice, soft seat, it's also water resistant, so it's going to be very easy to clean up. If they we're to spill their drink on them, or overflow their diaper, you'll be able to easily spray it off with a hose, maybe give it a quick surface scrub with some soapy water, something like that. But very easy to clean up, you're not going to have a whole lot of issues there.That's really all there is to it. It's going to be very easy to get attached to your luggage rack. It stays attached securely. They do include an instruction manual to help you. Even if you've never worked with a child's bike seat before, they walk you through how to make sure that everything is set up and easy to use. This is only about eight and a half pounds, so it's very lightweight, easy to move around. You don't have to worry about adding a whole lot of weight to the back of your bike as you're traveling down the road. It is recommended that your bike rack is capable of holding 55 pounds, so that's the weight of your child, plus the weight of the seat here as well. So obviously, you want to make sure that your bike rack is up to that challenge.So this is our orange option that you see here. It is also going to come in blue, and black. So if you like either of those colors better, it's up to you. One thing I like about the orange, is that it's nice and bright, attention-getting. The blue is probably similar in attention-getting. The black might be a little more subtle, it might not really catch the eye as much, but we do have those reflectors on the back there. So depending on what you're interested in, they do have several different colors for you to choose. I really like this bike seat. I like this line that Thule has got going, the leg shields here to make sure that their feet aren't getting in the spokes, and the adjustability to make sure that it's going to grow with them, lasts us several years, and just the comfort factor for the kids, so they can enjoy the ride while we're out.So this is going to be a nice little bike seat for you, if you've got the little one saying, "Do you like going on bike rides" I'd highly recommend this. So that's going to complete our look at the Thule Yepp Maxi EasyFit rear child bike seat. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.

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