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Review of Thule Bike Accessories - Bike Seat Mounted Child Seat - TH12020231

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Thule Bike Accessories - Bike Seat Mounted Child Seat - TH12020231 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat. This mounts to your rear bike post, so your seat post, and then it allows you to carry your child with you when you're out on your bike ride if that's an everyday commute or just on a leisurely ride every once in a while.This is gonna be a nice comfortable seat. It's made of some water resistant material. It has a good feel to it. There's a little bit of squish, little bit of give, so it's gonna make that seat pretty comfortable but it's also gonna be really easy to clean so we don't have to worry about this holding on to any kind of odors or materials, any spilled liquids that get on can be easily cleaned just with soapy water. The thing that I like about that too is it actually has holes all the way in the back so that makes it really breathable, keeps airflow in there so your kiddo doesn't get too hot when you're out in the sun.This one in particular comes in black but it is available in a variety of colors you can find here at

You can also switch out the shoulder pads or the chest pads there and the foot straps and those are available in other, different colors so you can kind of mix and match and make it your own.It's also adjustable as far as the seat or the footrests. We can move these up or down really easily so we can get those dialed in for the proper length there. The straps also have several different holes so those can be adjusted to keep your passenger's feet securely in place. And there's two, the straps are adjustable, just a little cam buckle strap but there's also two mounting places there so as your kid grows you can also adjust where the attachment point is to get the straps loosened up just pull it through that cam buckle and take up the slack. First going in the reverse to tighten it up.

The shoulder pads here again are a nice flexible, soft material, but still water resistant, so again, easy to clean.The buckle is a childproof design. So there's two buttons that we have to press for each side of this. There's the center piece and then also the side portion which if we push in on both of those that will allow that side to come out and then easily pops back in. So that makes it a little harder for any kiddos to get their hands on that and loosen it up and get themselves free.The back again, our footrest adjustment, it's just this little toggle. Flip that up and then you can raise or lower that footrest, so adjusts really easily.

We'll have some nice reflective material on either side of the feet rest or the foot rests and then also at the top to keep us highly visible.Back here you'll also notice back here we also have this little tumbler lock. This is where you actually attach the bike carrier, or how you actually attach it. Right now it's locked but if we put in our key and unlock it when you press in on that button and pull out on that gray tab that allows this portion, the seat portion, to come away from the mounted bracket on your bike. So that's how you actually attach it and disassemble it. There's a little green indicator whenever that's fully attached to let you know that you have it in place and it's kind of awkward for me to show you this since it's not attached to a bike but I'll do my best here.There we go.

So, again, whenever it's actually attached on your bike it will be easier than that but there's that bright green button that we'll see through the little hole and also has a red indicator so if it's not fully in place you'll be able to see that and know that it needs to be pushed in further and then this is the portion that actually gets attached to your bike. So in the reverse, whenever we're ready to load it up, we'll just get that lined up and then again press on our red button, pull out on our gray portion and it should click into place.Now, this can be purchased separately. You can pick up another one of these and then that makes it easy if you want to switch between bikes, so if you're biking with two people or two parents are there you can have this mounted, or one of these mounted on each bike and then you can switch off who's carrying the kid and then that makes it a little bit easier for both riders and gives you some variety there.See we have these nice big leg shields, make sure that no feet can go into the spokes on our bike wheels, no pinching can happen with your shoes, no shoelaces can get caught up in the spokes. It's gonna keep everything protected there and it goes nice and high so we don't have to worry about that.The seat is pretty well molded so the arm rests come out makes it a little bit harder for kiddo to move around, again, keep that harness nice and secure.But over all I think this is a really nice system to have on your bike. The most common comparison that you'll see out there for something similar to this would be the Thule RideAlong, which is a pretty similar bike seat. Also mounts to that seat post. The biggest difference I see between those, they're both pretty adjustable and user friendly. The Thule RideAlong has a little bit higher armrests so that it make it a little bit comfortable, it's a little more of a throne style so they can have their arms hanging out or resting on that. Also makes it a little bit harder to move side to side.But the thing that I don't like about the RideAlong is that it doesn't have that same breathability. It doesn't have all those holes in the back to allow air to move through. So it can be a little bit sticky, a little bit swampy on those hot days. So just kind of depends on what works best for you guys. If you're not gonna be in an area where you have to worry about heat, if you're not as worried about cleaning this help or letting water be able to move out of it the Thule RideAlong is a great option.The other things to consider would be a different mounting spot. This bike rack, or this seat can also be mounted in a different configuration where it would mount directly to the little tray on the back of your bike. That's another option, clicks right in, that's a different part number and you might have to get an adapter to go on top of your cargo rack or you can also get one that mounts to your front handle bars. Those are also nice because it allows you to see your kid the whole time. You can keep eyes on him, talk to him, you don't have to turn around and check that they're doing okay back there.The thing that is kind of a deterrent with the handlebar mounted ones is that they don't last as long. This works for kids from nine months up to six years as long as they're under 40 pounds. The handlebar ones only work for nine months up to three years. So they don't last as long as far as getting the most out of them. So again, depends on what you're looking for there.A couple that I would maybe recommend getting with this would be the Pack and Pedal Pannier Bags for any of your accessories, any of your snacks you want to carry with you if you already have them, we have Thule Pack and Pedal sets here at so you can pick that up and attach those bags underneath your child's seat and then you can bring all the accessories along with you that you'd want.You can also get a little rain cover to go over the seat if you're gonna be experiencing some inclement weather. That keeps that a little bit drier so that if you have to dismount, take your kid in, and you want to keep that seat dry while you're doing any shopping, or anything like that, gonna keep that protected and then you can take that off and the seat won't be all wet. That's also available, sold separately here.We talked about the extra bracket to go around your bike. And a couple customers did mention that they like this design, since it's not directly mounted to the bike, it kind of acts almost as a suspension system so it gives a little bit of bounce give so they don't have to experience as much shock on that back axle. I think people really seem to like the Yepp brand. It's a really popular bike seat. I think it looks nice, easy to use, and it's gonna make enjoying your bike with your kiddo even more enjoyable. Comes with the two keys and it also comes with a hex head so we can get all of our attachment points tightened down. And that's gonna do it for our look at the Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat.

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