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Review of Tekonsha Wiring - Trailer Connectors - 119190KIT

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Tekonsha Wiring - Trailer Connectors - 119190KIT Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the upgraded heavy duty Modulite circuit protected vehicle wiring harness with the installation kit. This kit will power your trailer's stop, turn, tail, and running lights, directly from your tow vehicle's battery. Virtually eliminates any draw on your vehicle's tail light circuit. The short circuit protection will safeguard itself and the tow vehicle against any harmful electrical shorts or miswire situations.The tail light circuit has been upgraded to work with vehicles using PWM, which is pulse with modulation, allowing this converter to fully turn on, giving your trailer lights full brightness during activation. It will automatically self reset. The unit does prevent feedback from trailer to your vehicle system.This kit may be used on two and three wire system.

It will adapt a three wire system on the towing vehicle to work with a two wire system that's on your trailer. When used on a two wire system, all you need to do is take this red brake wire here and ground it. This will work on vehicles and trailers with either LED, incandescent, or standard bulb tail lights. It is designed to work with most multiplex wiring system.The kit will include everything laid out here on the table. Start with here, this is the circuit protected tail light converter.

You notice it has the bonded wire with the 4-way on it that extends out toward your trailer. That's about 60 inches long, and you notice it does have this nice integrated cap that goes over the 4-way. So when you're not plugged in, you just put that over the terminals, protect it from any damage or from the elements. The wire pigtails right here that connect and connect to your wiring, these measure about 18 inches long. They do have a white wire with a ring on it that'll connect to your ground.

If you don't have a ground nearby, they do include a grounding screw so you can ground it. And then this black wire coming out of your converter is what'll run to your vehicle's battery.To run it to your vehicle's battery, they do include this Modulite install kit to help run everything. It gives you 20 feet of 12 gauge wire, in line fuse holder, because when you do connect to your battery, you don't want to run it directly to it, you want to run it through this fuse holder. They do also offer 10 amp and 15 amp fuses, ring terminals for your connections, a butt connector, a grounding screw I mentioned, even some cable ties that take up any slack in the wiring, and a nice set of detailed instructions on how to hook everything up.The other nice thing is they do offer this circuit tester, it's included. And what's that's nice for is when you go to connect these wires from your Modulite to your vehicle, you don't always necessarily want to connect color to color all the time.

You do want to test the functions. So this circuit tester is what'd be used for that, is you test the function on your car and hook that function to the correct function on this harness here. And then they include the five waterproof self-stripping wiring connectors, so when you make your connections, you can use those.Now, a few specs on this, the maximum stop and turn light circuit is 4.2 amps per circuit. The maximum tail light circuit is 7.5 amps.That should do it for the review on this upgraded heavy duty Modulite circuit protected vehicle wiring harness with the installation kit.

Jose E.


Do you have instruction video or otherwise for this same kit on a 2018 Mazda CX-5? I know you sell a kit specific for my Mazda, but I bought the 119190KIT. Thank you. PS: I'd gladly exchange my 119190KIT for a C56377, if you're willing.

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The only installation videos we have for wiring on a late model Mazda CX-5 is for the Tekonsha Kit # 118746. This is very similar to the Curt # C56377 so you could use these videos as a generic guide but you'd want to make sure you follow the instructions from Curt if you went that route. You'll want to reach out to our customer service if you purchased that kit through us and you want to exchange it. Here is a link to our returns policy for you to check out as well.

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