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Review of Tekonsha Trailer Breakaway Kit 20020

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Tekonsha breakaway kit with charger. This kit features a rechargeable, sealed maintenance free battery with charger for trouble free towing. Now break away kits are designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating the electric brakes should a trailer disconnect from the tow vehicle. Now ideally your safety chains that connect the trailer to the tow vehicle will prevent a trailer from disconnecting if the coupler comes off the ball but in the event where the safety chains fail the breakaway kit acts as a last line of defense against a runaway trailer. Now this type of safety system is required in most states for trailers weighing more than 3,00o pounds. The breakaway kit is going to work with 1, 2, 3 or 4 axle trailers. It's going to feature a weather and corrosion resistant design.

As you can see it's a really nice compact unit. You're going to have the nice durable case right here and inside is going to be the sealed maintenance free, 5 AMP, 12 volt battery. The unit also comes with your battery charger. This unit is like a triple charger and it fits securely into the breakaway battery case so there's a slot here in the back for the charger to sit. It's going to provide a continuous recharge and it's designed so that it doesn't permit the battery to overcharge.

So that's a nice safety feature of the unit as well. On the charger your going to notice that it has 4 wires. These 2 right here, it's going to have a tag on it. It says those go to the primary battery. The other 2 have another tag on it and those say that it goes to the breakaway battery. So that's going to be really easy to get connected.

To get installed. The unit also comes with detailed installation instructions to help walk you through the entire process step by step. The breakaway switch is this component right here. This is a nylon switch, 2 wire design and it's going to have a coated steel cable right here. It's like a braided steel. This unit mounts to the trailer frame.

It's going to have your mount hole right there. Hardware not included. Switch or the actual plug is right here so this cable connects to the tow vehicle and then when it comes to wiring the unit, one wire goes for power supply. The other wire splices to the brake output from the trailer brakes. Interchangeable wire design means that it does not matter which wire goes to which function. It will work the same either way. The unit is going to feature a nice wide operating temperature. So it will operate down to negative 76 degrees Fahrenheit all the way to positive 140 degree Fahrenheit. The complete kit meets or exceeds the Department of Transportation regulations. Another neat feature that it comes with is this bracket right here. So the battery case slides onto the bracket. This bracket can mount to your trailer frame, side mount design, and it's going to have this bar right here. It slides through the slot and what that does is it lines up with the hole right here and that's a lockable design. So you can pass through a small padlock there and you can lock the unit. Really nice design to the unit and that is included. All your mounting hardware is going to need to be provided separately. It's not included. But that's going to do it for today's look at the Tekonsha breakaway away kit with the charger.

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