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Review of TecNiq Boat Lights - Strip Lights - TN94ZR

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TecNiq Boat Lights - Strip Lights - TN94ZR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, I'm gonna take a look at this TecNiq seven-inch-long, slim, weatherproof, white LED, boat strip light in the black aluminum housing. Now this is a nice low profile LED strip light that'll produce a nice bright white light for marine applications like on your pontoons or your speedboats. Now, at the end of this video, I am gonna hook this up to some 12 volt power, just to show you how bright the light is, but first, I want to go over some of the features of it. It's in a black aluminum housing, has the sealed end caps on it, so it makes it a nice weatherproof casing which will protect your LEDs against dirt, dust, and water. It is a military-grade construction of the circuit board 'cause they use urethane potting, which offers better protection than the common epoxy potting.

And the LEDs they use on these are energy efficient, long lasting, and vibration resistant. They are rated for up to 50,000 hours of operation. This one, as you can see, has a nice clear lens over three white LEDs and is compatible with 12 volt DC systems. And you can see the two wires on the end here are hardwires to your application, gives you a power and a ground wire, and the wire length is about nine inches. Now to install this, it'll easily mount with snap on clips, which we do sell separately on our website, and they're listed on this product page as a related product.

But basically they'll give you, the mounting clips are available in three different mounting angles. So we're gonna go through all three. I happened to pull them. This is a flat mount or parallel mount, you can see it has the hole in it for the screw. So it's designed to mount flat just like that.

And then with it flat, you can just clip that in place and it'll hold it right in place, just like that. The other one they offer is the 45 degree mount. You can see, there's your hole for mounting it with the screw, and when you mount it, it will give you a 45 degree angle and same way you just put it in there. And once you clip it into place, as it's mounted, you can see it'll hold it at a 45 degree angle. And then the last one is a perpendicular, or 90 degree mount.

You can see it has the hole right here on the base. So when you mount it, it's gonna hold it 90 degrees and same way, clip that on there, mount it down, just like that, it'll hold it 90 degrees. Or you can even mount it this way and it'll still hold it at the 90 degrees. So all three of those are sold separately. Now, when you do buy those, they are available as when you order one, it comes as a quantity of two clips per one order. Now on this size strip, they do recommend two mounting clips per strip. A few dimensions on this. The length of the light strip one end to the other is right at 7 inches width of it, 1/2 an inch. And the thickness is 1/4 of an inch. Now the light output on this is 150 lumens, the input voltage 9 volts to 14 volts. So what we're gonna do now is go ahead and hook it up our power and our ground wire. And once we get them both hooked up, go ahead and turn on our power. And then you can see the three LEDs lit up. We'll go ahead and turn off the overhead lights and you can see what those lit up gives you pretty bright area, 150 lumens. Actually I'm going to even zoom out here just to give you an idea at a distance how much light it does light up. We'll zoom back in, go ahead and turn back on overhead lights, turn off our power. But that should do it for the review on this TecNiq 7-inch-long slim weatherproof wide LED boat strip light in the black aluminum housing..

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