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Review of Taylor Made Dock Bumpers - 50 Foot Long x 4.5 Inch Tall Foam Dock Bumper - TM74ZR

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Taylor Made Dock Bumpers - 50 Foot Long x 4.5 Inch Tall Foam Dock Bumper - TM74ZR Review

1 Hi there, I'm Michael with 2 Today, we're going to take a quick look 3 at this Taylor Made dock bumper. 4 This is a 50 foot long by 4 1/2 inch wide 5 and 2 inch thick foam bumper that's going to attach 6 to your dock so that it provides 7 a little bit of extra cushion to help prevent your boat 8 from being damaged as you're docking. 9 This does have this durable closed-cell foam. 10 If I zoom in here a little bit, 11 you can see that a little bit better. 12 So it is going to absorb that impact.

13 And this is gonna be flexible enough 14 that it can mount to curves and corners, 15 so it's gonna fit easily along the side 16 of your entire dock. 17 It does also have this UV resistant, non-marring 18 polyester outer layer, which kind of feels like 19 a really dense sweater material to me, 20 so it is gonna be nice and soft. 21 It's not gonna mark up your boat or fade in the sun. 22 And it's also gonna be 23 very easy to clean with soap and water, 24 so if it does get some algae growing on it 25 or something like that, you can very easily clean it off. 26 Now you are going to have a one inch top and bottom flap 27 that's going to allow you to install this 28 on the side of your dock.

29 Your top flap can be folded over or behind the bumper 30 for a nice clean look if you like. 31 The mounting hardware is not included, but you should be 32 able to just use some stainless steel screws 33 to screw this right into your dock and to hold it in place. 34 It is made here in the USA, so you can trust it's made 35 to the high quality standards that we've come to know 36 and trust for products that are made here in the U.S. 37 And this is 50 feet of bumper, 38 so make sure you're needing that much. 39 We do have other sizes, both lengths and thicknesses, 40 widths, and that sort of thing.

41 So make sure you're getting the right one for you, 42 but if you do need that full 50 feet, 43 this is gonna be a great option, help support your boat, 44 make sure it's not coming into contact with your dock 45 in a way that's gonna damage it. 46 So that completes our look for today. 47 Again, I'm Michael with 48 Thanks for watching. .

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