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Review of Taylor Made Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - 3697910BS

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Taylor Made Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - 3697910BS Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a look at the Taylor Made Stow 'n Go collapsible chair. This is going to be a very convenient chair to bring along with you if you are going out hiking or on a boat, a campsite to a dock, anything like that. It's very lightweight so it's not going to take much to carry it wherever you're going.It is made out of polyester material so it's going to be again lightweight and not going to have to worry about water or anything. It'll clean off easily.Now in my personal opinion, I would say that this is a chair designed for a young thin person.

It has got a 250 pound weight capacity, which is why I am not sitting in it right now. I am a little bit over that. And it is only about 21 inches wide. So depending on how much width you need when you sit down, it might not accommodate your needs.It has a total height of 25 inches and by the time you sit down you're only about nine inches from the ground. So if you have a hard time getting up, this chair is not going to give you much help in that area.

It's going to be pretty low to the ground. I would say this is probably going to be a great chair for your children or grandchildren when they're out camping with you or out on the boat with you for the day. You can pull this chair out and have a place for them to sit.I would not recommend it for people my size or people who are much older than I am. It does have the blue sonar design, which is going to be kind of fun in your nautical water settings.If you are interested in getting a setup for this chair, we also offer the Taylor Made Stow 'n Go collapsible table. You can have a nice place for the kids to eat.

Maybe you have a kids table at your next outing. This will hold up to 30 pounds so it'd be plenty for several plates of food. Kids can sit around and play cards or what have you.You can find that here at using part number 3697911BS. We also have several different coolers, different sizes here at etrailer. They all use the same radar blue radar fabric, so it's all a matching set.

You can find those depending on the size that you need as well.This is a collapsible chair, so it's going to be very easy to store. Simply take the fabric off of it, set that to the side for now. All the pieces of the frame are held together by an elastic string, so you're not going to have to worry about losing any of those pieces.Once we get all the pieces out of the holds there it could be folded up. It does come with a carrying case so that you can store all this together. Now this carrying case is pretty compact, so if you are wanting to use this chair just for the occasional visitor, it's not going to take up a whole lot of room in your boat or camper. I would say it's about the size of a pair of shoes. Of course I've got pretty big feet, so it might be slightly bigger than what you're used to, but still won't take up much room at all. It's got a zipper on there, keep everything inside, nice and contained. The overall dimensions of our bag is going to be 13 and a half inches long. It's four and a half inches tall and four inches wide. You can see we've got two sewn in handles here and a sewn in daisy chain type strap here we can use to carry or amount. When we want to get this set up, we'll just reverse the process, take it out of the bag.It will take a little bit of muscle to get the fabric over top of the bars here. It's got some tension to it. It's kind of like pulling an arrow back. The plastic feet pieces there obviously go towards the ground. The taller pieces are for your back rest. The mesh part of our chair is for the back. We'll slide the poles into the little pockets in the fabric. Once you have a couple in, this is where you have to start kind of exerting some force to get that fabric to stretch out to the base, and then you have it all set up.That's going to complete our look at the Taylor Made Stow 'n Go collapsible chair.

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