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Taylor Made Boat Flags - Nylon American Flag - 3698436 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone! I'm Ellen, here at Today, we're taking a look at the Taylor Made deluxe sewn U.S.A. boat flag.Now, this is going to let you show off your patriotism for our great country, either by just flying this because you feel patriotic, or maybe you're in international waters and you want to identify yourself as an American boat. Or maybe the opposite: maybe you're coming into American waters, and you want to fly a courtesy flag while in U.S.A. territory.Whatever the case might be, this is going to be a really nice looking flag. It's made of a durable nylon material, so it's going to be pretty durable to stand up to the elements while it's out on our boat.

It's going to be resistant to any kind of fading from the sun, and any damage from that.It's going to look just as nice on the reverse side. You'll see all our stars are individually embroidered. And it still holds true on the other side. So, no matter which way you look at it, it's a really good looking flag. Each of the stripes are also individually sewn on.

So, it alternates with the 13 stripes there.On the fly end, we'll have our quadruple stitched hem to resist any kind of fraying at that fly end, as it's flying in the wind. Our hoist is going to have the two brass fittings to resist any kind of tearing or pulling there on that side.I'm going to bring this a little closer to the camera so you can get a better look at that. So, all the stars, you can see individually embroidered. So, they look really nice even on the reverse side. And then each of those stripes, individually sewn as well.

The fly end there has that four-stitching to reinforce that. So, it should last for a long time. Of course, if you're getting into any kind of stormy weather, flying in really high winds, you might probably want to take the flag down so that it doesn't get frayed or damaged. And it's always a good idea to also make sure that you let the flag completely dry before you put it into storage. That way you reduce the risk of it getting mold or mildew on it.As far as the size, it's listed as 24 by 36, but it's actually a little bit off from that.

The U.S. flag is a little bit longer typically. So, if we go from the very edge of this hoist, with that white piece, it's closer to 38 and a half inches. If we come in from there, right to edge of that canton, to the end of the fly end here, it's about 37 inches, right on. And then from top to bottom, it's about 22 and a half inches. From top to bottom. Our canton measures about 15 inches, if we go from the edge of this piece here to the edge of the hem. And then from top to bottom, about 12 and a quarter inches. Each of the stripes are about one and three-quarter inches tall.So, it should be a really nice looking flag for flying on your boat to show your love for the U.S. of A. That's going to do it our look at the Taylor Made deluxe sewn U.S. boat flag.If you need any other accessories to go with this, like a flagpole for your boat and any attachments to get your flag onto that pole, you can always turn to to find those accessories.Thanks for watching.

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