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Taylor Made Boat Accessories - Hatch Parts - 3691826-50 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Tailor Made 15" long steel gas shock. Now this gas shock is designed to replace a worn out or damaged shock on your dock box or boat hatch. This one's a coated annealed steel rod, which provides corrosion resistance so it is perfect for high saltwater areas. And this does easily install in minutes. There's no special tools required. Now when you do install this, you do want this inner rod facing down and it is recommended to replace these gas shocks in pairs.

That connection type on this shock is the 10 millimeter ball socket and right here you can see the ball sockets. That'll go right onto a 10 millimeter ball. And basically when you go to install this, let me zoom in and show you how it connects.You can see on the end here, this uses a retaining ring clip and basically what you'll do is to remove the old shock, you'll just put your a flat tip, small flat tip screwdriver underneath this retaining clip, pry it up and that'll pop up and release it, then you can remove your old gas shock. And then when you put your new one on, you do the same thing. You put a flat tip screwdriver under, pry up the retaining clip.

Now that clip won't come off. You just want to pop it up until it releases the pressure and then just snap it onto the 10 millimeter ball, push that ring back down. It'll secure it into place. Very simple installation. Length on this is 15" and the length on the shock will always be measured from the center of one ball socket to the center of the other.

So on this one, if we go center to center, right at 15". Output force on this one is 50 pounds. But that should do it for the review on the Tailor Made 15" long steel gas shock.

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