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Review of Taylor Made Boat Accessories - Buoys - 36946103

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Taylor Made Boat Accessories - Buoys - 36946103 Review

Jeff: Today, we're going to take a look at the Taylor Made 61 inch tall Sur-Mark II Regulatory Marker Buoy in the white color. Now this marker buoy will float on the water surface to alert any boaters or swimmers of any hazards that are in that area of the water. This buoy does come with the two orange warning adhesive labels that you can just pull off the adhesive backing and then wrap it around the bottom and at the top. They do also offer warning labels that are available, that will attach to this buoy to notify boaters or swimmers of specific water hazards. We do sell those separately on our website. We have about four different ones.

We have a Slow No Wake label. We have a Swim Area, a Keep Out and a Danger and they are adhesive also. Again, we sell those separately.I happen to pull one of those just to show you what we're talking about. This is the Slow No Wake labels. And when you order them, they do come as a set of two and they do have the adhesive backing that you just peel off.

And then what you would do is just put it onto the buoy where you want it at correct height, wrap it around on one side and then the other one put on the other side. But again, these warning labels are sold separately on our website and they are listed on this product page as a related product.At the very bottom of this buoy there is an internal concrete ballast that'll keep the buoy floating upright at about 37 inches above the water, makes it very easy to spot. At the very bottom, you can see there's a recessed galvanized eye on here, and allows you to secure your anchor chain to that opening. The anchor chain is not included. You would have to supply that.

The eye diameter right down here is one and three quarter inches in diameter.Now the buoy itself is a durable, single piece, seamless construction. Uses closed cell foam so it won't absorb any water. And it has a polyethylene molded outer shell, which is UV resistant. It is also compatible with the solar powered led lights for maximum visibility. Again, those we do sell separately and those you could attach.

Let me just show you the top here. You can see this plug right here. You could attach the light right there and they are solar powered so there's nothing. don't have to have batteries or wiring. And again, that solar light we do sell separately. It's listed on this product page as a related product. It's part number 36946106.You can see it's a nice white color. It is made in the USA. The specs on it again, the total height from the very bottom to the very top is 61 inches. The diameter of the buoy is nine inches. When this is in the water, the visible height above the water line is about 37 inches. The buoyancy on this is 15 pounds and this will stand up right for storage, if you need to store them anywhere.But that should do it for the review on the Taylor Made's 61 inch tall, Sur-Mark II Regulatory Marker Buoys in the white color..

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