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Review of Taylor Made Boat Accessories - 3691015

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Taylor Made Boat Accessories - 3691015 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Taylor Made White Tidy-Ups Boat Fender Adjuster for a standard size rail. Now this white vinyl fender adjuster will snap over your standard size railing to easily hang your fender from the side of your boat. The line from your fender will go up under, through the adjuster here, locks into place underneath the brass roller. It does give you a nice adjustable locking feature, which allows you to move the fender as needed to protect from any size dock or neighboring boat.Basically, what you'll do is first unhook that, drop this over your railing and then hook it back into place to secure, and then just lift this up, take your rope from your fender, speed it up through here, pull it over and then just let the brass roller drop down. And that'll pinch up against the line. So between the weight on the rope pulling down and this roller being narrowed, it'll lock it into position and then it's adjustable by just raising up on this roller or pulling it if you need it higher, lowering it if you need it to drop lower.It's a very simple design and it quickly snaps onto a standard size railing to hold and adjust your boat fender.

It is designed to fit rails up to one and a half inches in diameter, and it holds lines up to five-eighths of an inch in diameter. You can see the strap itself is a nice white color, it's a flexible vinyl construction that will not damage your railing. I just want to demo it for you.What I happened to do is I pulled a. This is a rope that would attach to your fender, basically the loop down attaches to your fender, and this happens to be a three-eighths inch diameter. Then you'll take this open end and your fender is attached here.

So what you'll do after you've already attached this to your railing, you'll just lift up on that, put your rope behind the brass roller, then pull it up through, and then just pull it over. Then you'll notice that brass railing or that brass roller will fall down and pinch that rope, and you can see what the weight of the fender pulling on it. It'll lock it into a position.Again, it's adjustable by just lifting up on that. If you need it to go higher, pull up on it, let it go, and that'll lock it right into place, just like that. And if you need it to go lower, pull up on it and then pull down on the rope and then let it go, and that'll again, lock it into place.

So very simple to adjust and install. And what you're probably want to do of course on your rope is tying in on this end so it doesn't fall back through, and to remove it, you can just pull it all the way out like that.That should do it for the review on the Taylor Made White Tidy-Ups Boat Fender Adjuster for the standard size rail..

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