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Review of Taskmaster Tires and Wheels - Tire Only - PTC23516E

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Taskmaster Tires and Wheels - Tire Only - PTC23516E Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the Taskmaster Premium Trailer Contender ST 235/80R16 radial trailer tire in a load range E. Now this is a premium radial tire. It's great for highway use. It is constructed with double steel belts, double polyester cords for nice long life. It is baked tested to ensure that the rubber holds up over time, and then they even use a nylon tread firming belt overlay to help prevent tread separation. It does use tread depth bars like you see in passenger car tires, where they're actually be able to give you a quick visual indication of how the tread is wearing.

This is an extensively tested tread pattern; provides maximum traction. If you look on the tread pattern, the blocks, they do have breaks in the tread pattern here, which you'll channel water underneath from away from underneath the tire to help improve traction during wet, snowy or icy conditions.And this is a special trailer tire design, which will couple the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire. And it is created specifically for trailers. It's not intended for use on any other vehicles. This does meet the DOT Department of Transportation specifications, and it does exceed your federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Few specs on this, this tire will fit on the wheel size of 16 inch by six inches wide 16 inch by six and a half inches wide and 16 inch by seven inches wide. The tire size, which will be stamped on the sidewall is ST for special trailer, 235/80R16. The R will designate that it's a radial design tire. Section width on this is 9.3 inches overall diameter from the bottom to the top when it's inflated is 30.8, and this is a load range E tire, which means it's a 10 ply rated tire.So the maximum load on this, if it's used in a single tire application is 3,520 pounds at the 80 PSI. If it's used in a dual tire application, it's 3,080 pounds at 80 PSI.

Tread depth on this is 11/30 seconds of an inch. And the maximum speed rating, all the new trailer tires are coming through with speed ratings now, and they do label it by a letter designation on the sidewall. Right here, if you see where the tire size is right after, you'll see two numbers for the load index. And then at the end is the letter M. Speed rating M will mean this is 81 mile per hour tire.

But that should do it for the review on the Taskmaster Premium Trailer Contender ST 235/80R16 radial trailer tire, in a load range E..

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