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Review of Taskmaster Tires and Wheels A16RGBMHDPVD

Today we're going be taking a look at the Taskmaster Provider ST235/85R16. This is a radial trailer tire with a 16 inch steel mod wheel. The tire and the wheel assembly is ideal for multiple different kinds of trailers. We're going to have the heavy-duty steel wheel. That's going to feature a modular design. The modular design is simply just these round holes that go around the rim.

It gives it a really nice look. The coating on the unit is what's called PVD; that's physical vapor deposition. That's a wheel coating process that creates a sleek black finish that is much harder and more durable than chrome plating. It's very tough. It's a wear resisting coating that won't pit or peal, and it's going to offer excellent corrosion resistance to the wheel. It actually is going to feature a salt spray rating of more than 168 hours.

It's also an environmentally friendly technique that's going to bind the coating to the wheel at a molecular level. The coating is going to cover the wheel here on the front and on the back. The only area that's not coated is right here around the lug holes and that's because the wheel is going to use the ITR technology, that's improved torque retention. That's going to help keep the wheel securely in place on your trailer. The stud holes are going to be beveled off for better clamp force retention. The radial tire is constructed with double steel belts and double polyester cords, which is going to offer it a really nice long life.

It's going to feature nylon tread-firming belt overlays to help prevent tread separation. We have the tread depth bars. That way we can get that real quick visual indicator of our tread wear. The assembly is Department of Transportation compliant, and it exceeds FMVSS requirements. When it comes to the dimensions of the rim we're looking at a 16 inch diameter rim that's going to measure 6 inches wide. Bolt pattern on the unit, it's going to have 8 bolt holes and those are going to be separated by 6-1/2 inches on center from one to the other, and so the bolt pattern's 8 on 6-1/2 and that would take a wheel lug size of 1/2 inch by 20 or 9/16 inch by 18. The wheel capacity is 4100 pounds.

Pilot hole diameter, that's this diameter right here, or the diameter of this large hole, that's going to be 4.88 inches. Again, our tire size is ST235/85R16. It's going to give us a section width of 9.25 inches and an outer diameter from top to bottom when fully inflated that's going to be 31.73 inches. The tire capacity on the unit it's going to feature a load range G, which gives it a day 14-ply rating. Maximum load for the unit is going to be 4080 pounds at 110 PSI. Last thing I want to mention is that this tire does have a speed rating. Right after the part number it says 129/125L/110 PSI. The L is going to be your speed rating. L is going to stand for maximum speed of 75 mph. That's going to do it for today's look at the Taskmaster Provider ST235/85R16 radial tire.

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