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Swagman Bike Accessories - Bike Basket - S90004 Review

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Review of Swagman Bike Accessories S90004

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at a front cargo retro bike basket, with the deluxe quick release bracket. Now the deluxe quick release bracket securely attaches to your handlebars of the bike and then it snaps to the back of the retro bike basket.This is the perfect addition for a nice casual ride. And if you're wanting to carry things, this is going to keep you from having to carry a backpack to carry your gear or from hanging bags from your handlebars.It fits round and tapered handlebars, so it has a handlebar protector. That way the attachment bracket doesn't scratch or do any damage to the connection point of the handlebars. So, these are just rubber pads that can be inserted around the handlebar.And then it comes with all the different inserts to fit a variety of different sized handlebars. So, for round handlebars, this will work with 22.2 millimeter, 25.4 millimeter, 28.6 millimeter and 31.8 millimeter.

And for tapered handlebars, it'll work with 25.4 millimeter to 22.2 millimeter.So, really nice design, easy to install. This is like a metal wire basket. It offers a very stable ride for the basket's contents. I do want to point out that when you're ready to detach it, so let's say you get to where you're going, all you have to do is, take this little lever, push it, or pull it towards you if you're on the bike. And that allows this to slide off, allows the two pieces to detach from one another.We got the nice basket handle.

This is included. Kind of secures in that position. So, that allows you to easily haul it around. Allows you to easily carry it. Push it down, you can rotate it to the back, or to the front, whatever works best for you.

And when you're ready to attach it back to the bike, you line up the connection points, slide it in until it clicks into place.Now this unit has two buttons, one on each side. So you can see that there. Both of those will need to be depressed, and then you can actually change the angle that it sits at. So, that's pretty cool. Really nice.

You can change the pitch of the basket, it secures as soon as you let off of the push buttons.Now, when it comes to the overall dimensions, we're looking again nine and three quarters of an inch deep by 13 and a half inches wide by nine and one quarter inches tall. And it has a weight capacity of 12 pounds.That's going to do it for today's look at the front cargo retro bike basket with the deluxe quick release bracket.

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