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Swagman Bike Accessories - Cup Holder - S80980 Review

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Review of Swagman Bike Accessories S80980

Today we'll be reviewing part number S-8--0-9-8-0. This is the Swagman To Go beverage holder for bikes. It'll simply clip to a handle bar up to 1 and 3/4 inches thickness and down to 5/8 of an inch in thickness. It also comes with a rubber pad that way you can place in there for extra skinny handlebars to get a nice secure grip. The inside diameter that we're going to have between the 2 arms of the drink holder is going to be 2 and 3/4 of an inch. They do have a little flexibility but they are not adjustable so I have a couple of different sized bottles here.

This is a regular sized water bottle. You can see how that holds nicely in there. And then I have a larger water bottle. I can't necessarily fit it through the top but what I can do is I can adjust one of the arms because again it has a little bit of play in it so I can push that out and it slides right down in there. It actually performs a really nice solid grip. This would be perfect for the leisure rider.

It's going to securely clip to the handle bars for easy drink access. You're going to flip this up here and tighten it or loosen it to adjust the different widths of handle bars that are out there. This would also work great on a motorcycle or on a piece of exercise equipment if you want to keep your drink close at hand. It's going to hold anything from cups to cans to small water bottles. It can only mount horizontally. Now here on the front you're going to see three different holes.

We have one up here, one right here that is already mounted in, and one down here at the bottom. You can undo the screw here at the front using a small alan key and then you can change the mounting location depending on what's best going to fit your application. That's going to do it of today's review of part number S-8-0-9-8-0. This is the Swagman To Go beverage holder clip for bikes. .

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