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Superwinch Electric Winch - Truck Winch - SW1517200 Review

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Review of Superwinch Winches SW1517200

Today were going to review part #: SW1517200. This is the Superwinch Tiger Shark series winch. This is an off-road winch with a wire rope. It has a max capacity of 17,500 pounds. This entry level off-road winch is designed for heavy duty vehicle recovery applications. Over here it has a nice sealed 6.5 horsepower series wound motor which will efficiently deliver quick and safe line pulling.

It is sealed, so it does reduce the risk and damage from rain, snow and dust and this does respond to an increase in load by slowing down and reducing the current to minimize the risk of overheating the motor. It also comes supplied with this rubber handheld remote with a 12 foot long cord. It will let you operate the winch from a safe distance. It has a toggle switch on the remote here to let you power the load in and out. On the other end is a three pin female connector you can see here and it has a little indentation that sticks out.

What you want to do is go to the solenoid box, take the cap off and youll see a little indentation there that this would line up to. Just line that indentation up and it allows you to plug it in, get you the correct connection. Then you can remotely operate your winch from a distance of up to 12 feet. Then just when youre done you can just unplug it. Put the cap back on and remove your remote.

Over here on the gearbox it has an ergonomic pull and turn free spool clutch using this free spool knob. This will ensure fast roll payout. The sealed rotating gearbox will let you customize the position of the clutch for easy access. Basically, what happens is theres a label here that Ill show you. When this free spool knob is in this direction going parallel with the drum that means its engaged, so the wire rope is locked into place, it wont go anywhere.

If you just pull up on this and turn it a quarter of a turn to where its perpendicular to the drum then youll be able to pull out, as you can see. If you watch the drum will turn because its free spooling. Once you get it to where you need all the cable out just turn it that quarter of a turn. Youll hear it click into place. That locks it back into position, so it wont free spool any more. Very nice simple access to the gearbox. The wire rope thats on this is a half inch diameter wire rope which is strong and durable. It is 90 feet long. It does include this removable latched hook. This pin can be pulled out. You can take the hook off if you like and it has this nice hand saver strap. You do want to use this whenever youre hooking or unhooking so you dont, you dont want your fingers anywhere in this hook. You just want to use this hand saver strap. This wire rope does mount over an all-steel drum. It also comes with the stainless steel four way roller Fairlead which will protect the wire rope from damage by reducing strain and rubbing. You can see the two rollers here and the two rollers here. They do all have a brushed finish which will resist weather and wear caused by the rope. This winch does have an automatic 100% load holding mechanical brake. This will eliminate drag when youre pulling in the cable and it reduces creep when youre letting out the cable. Right over here, this box on top of the motor here is the weather sealed solenoid box. This will reduce the possibility of damage from rain, snow and blowing dust because it is sealed. Now, you can remove this solenoid box and put it somewhere remotely away from the winch if you like to, but it does require a wiring kit which we do sell separately. The wiring kit part number is SW2302283. This will let you remotely mount the solenoid box, so itd be away from the winch and then you can access the port here for your remote control to other position on your vehicle. The gearbox over here is an all-steel four stage planetary gearbox. It has a rugged construction which will stand out to stress and torque and it will quickly and quietly turn the drum. The whole winch is on an extruded aluminum body. It has a severe duty textured finish which is sturdy and corrosion resistant and these tie bars, these stainless steel tie bars up top and at the bottom and the hardwares stainless steel. This will add strength and rigidity to the body of the winch. The heavy duty drum supports are also load tested. Now some specs on this. As you see, whats on the table will come with the mounting hardware, the instructions, the cables we mentioned. Everything pictured here on the table comes with this part number. The rated line pull on this winch with just a single layer of rope on the drum would be 17,500 pounds. Thats the static load. It has a vehicle recovery capacity of 13,000 pounds. The motor right here itself is a 12 volt DC motor. The line pull at no pounds would be, the draw of the motor would be 120 amps, the line speed would be 11 feet per minute. The line pull with the max capacity of 17,500 pounds would have a power draw of 460 amps and a line speed of 2.8 feet per minute. The maximum continuous runtime on this motor would be two minutes. The gear ration would be 5.18 to one. Again, we mentioned the braking is 100% load holding mechanical brake. A few dimensions on this winch. The overall length is going to be 23 and five eighths inches. The width is eight and a half inches and the maximum height at the highest position is going to be right at 11 inches tall. Again, the wire rope dimensions is 90 feet long by half inch diameter. The mounting pattern for this winch, to bolt it onto a mounting plate or where youre going to mount it, it has a four bolt mounting pattern which is 10 inches by four and a half inches on center. The weight of this winch is a heavy 150 pounds. This part does come with a one year limited warranty on the electrical components and a two year warranty on the mechanical components. That should do it for the review on part #: SW1517200, the Superwinch Tiger Shark series off-road winch. .

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