Review of SuperSprings Vehicle Suspension - Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement - SSR-106-40-1

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SuperSprings Vehicle Suspension - Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement - SSR-106-40-1 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the SumoSprings maxim custom helper Springs for your rear axle. These are going to help improve the control and comfort of your vehicle by cushioning the bumps and supporting heavy loads, while also leveling out your ride and minimizing the sway. These are a custom fit for your 2004 through present, Ford E350 and E450 super duty chassis. There are a lot of vehicles that are built on that chassis, a lot of motor homes specifically, so I would recommend going to our fit guide here at, plugging in your year, make and model of your vehicle and we will help you find the springs that will work best for you, whether that's these or another pair, just to make sure that you're getting the right one for your set.So these springs do offer a progressive load control, so the springs will compress according to the weight of your cargo.

If it's a lighter load, they'll start off soft, and then if you hit a bumpy ride or something like that, they're not going to be as jarring. So it's going to create a smoother ride. If you have a heavier load, the springs will compress up to 80% for support. So just the progressive loading there, so it's not going to give you the full force all at once. It kind of bases it on the amount of the weight of your load.

The springs are connected to your vehicle, both at the top and bottom to provide support even when your vehicle is unloaded. So your top bracket is going to attach to the frame of your vehicle. The bottom bracket is going to attach to your axle. So that's important because, unlike your inaudible 00:02:01 spoke bumper or a bump stop, it's not just floating there on your chassis so that you're making sharp contact when you're bottoming out.These are going to be permanently installed on both so that they're going to kind of help give that cushion effect. Plus, then you're also going to have the rebound effect.

So they're not going to allow your chassis and axle to separate too much from each other. So very beneficial there. These do expand up to 50% of their height, so give you a lot of maneuverability there. They do work independently from each other. So if you have an off-center load and when you're turning corners and stuff, it's going to help reduce your body roll.

They have a weight capacity of 2,600 pounds. Keep in mind that is not in addition to your vehicles, a weight capacity that's just going to help with your vehicles towing and load weights. So the way I like to think of it is it's not increasing how much your vehicle can withstand, it's just helping your vehicle was still that weight, so it takes some of the load off there and can help it last longer.These are made of a durable high density micro-cellular urethane, so it's kind of a dense foam in there. So unlike your airbags which are made out of a hollow rubber that you have to keep air pressure in, you have to run lines so that you can fill it up with air, these are a maintenance free option. That foam is, you never have to air it up or anything, it's just in there so it's going to give you that constant support without any maintenance. They do withstand temperatures of negative 25 degrees to up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. They're also going to resist any of your typical road substances like your road salts, oils and UV rays, so they're going to be very durable. You're not going to have to worry about them breaking down.Because they are a minimal lateral expansion device, you're not going to have to worry about them compressing on the side and causing damage like some of your air springs can do. These do compress up and down vertically, so that's going to reduce the damage to them. They are very easy to install. It's just a simple bolt on installation. All the bolts and everything that you need are included in the kit. These are made here in the USA, so you can trust that they've got high quality standards that they're held to and they do come with a two year limited warranty from SuperSprings so you can trust the company's going to stand behind their products, so if you have any problems, they can help you out, give us more confidence that the product is going to do well for us. They do come with instructions to help us get them installed.So all in all, think it's going to be a great addition to your vehicle. With the custom fit brackets, it's going to be very easy to get these installed, so I wouldn't hesitate to install these on my vehicle if I had a vehicle that these would work with. I think it's just going to do a lot to help improve the ride quality so we're not getting that jarring, bumping. That's going to help level everything out and make it a much smoother, more comfortable ride. That's going to complete our look at the SumoSprings maxim custom helper springs for your rear axle. Thanks for watching.

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