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Stromberg Carlson Grills and Fire Pits - Grills - GR-1522 Review

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Review of Stromberg Carlson RV and Camping GR-1522

Today we're going to review part number GR-1522, this is the Stromberg Carlson stake and grill with the storage bag. Now this is a steam mounted grill that will let you set up and cook almost anywhere. It will hold food, coffee pots, tea kettles, many other items. It comes in this nice, nylon storage bag, holds the grill and the stake during travel. You can just unwrap it and slide the stake out. You can see the stake is about 36 inches in length. It is a powder coated steel, has a nice finish on it to help resist corrosion.

There's no tools required. If you see, there's a little step welded on here that you can just put your foot on and push this into the dirt, where your fire is, to keep it into place. What we're going to do is I'm just going to hold it right out here. Now the grill, let's open this up and slide the grill out. Now this grill is an easily adjustable grill. It'll slide onto the stake through this hole right here, moves up or down on the stake to desired heat levels.

The nice thing about it is, if you notice there's an angle to this handle right here, so that angle will help lock in place on the stake. Once it's locked into place, what's nice, is you can rotate this 360 degrees, off the fire if you want. Another nice feature, if you notice the handle, is a nice heat resistant . It's a built in heat resistant handle. Gives you a nice safe and easy food removal. When your food is cooking you can still grab this and it won't be hot. I'm going to show how this slides on.

Again we're going to take the . Slide the circle onto the stake, you can see as you let it go it'll stay right into place. With your weight on here it'll hold it all into place. If you want to lower it down more, on to the fire, just lift up on it a little bit and it'll lower down. We mentioned it rotates 360.

You can see if the stake stands still you can just rotate it. If there's a flare up and you want to get it off the flame you can just rotate it 360 degrees out of the way. On the grill itself is a steel wire and it is coated with a cooking grade chrome for durability. The nice thing is the chrome finish will make the grill easy to clean. The raised edges, you can see right here, all the way around it will help keep food on the grill. Kettles, pots, from falling off the edge of the grill. The dimensions, I want to give you some dimensions on this grill, it's very large. It's 22 inches in length, and about 15 inches in width. The total weight of the stake, the grill, all in the bag, is about 10 pounds. It does come with a nice 1 year warranty. Again just to show you how this adjusts, if you lift up on it you can raise it up, let it go, it'll hold into place. Lift it up, lower it down, it'll stay into place. That should do it for the review on part number GR-1522 the Stromber Carlson stake and grill with the nylon storage bag. .

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