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Review of Steele Rubber Trailer Door Parts - Seals - SR32FR

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Steele Rubber Trailer Door Parts - Seals - SR32FR Review

Jeff Hello everybody, this is Jeff at today we're gonna take a look at this Steele Rubber Products 15-foot long side bulb push-on rubber seal for access and compartment doors. Now this rubber push-on seal is a nice easy-to-install, and it's a dependable option for when you need a nice quick fix. The push-on seal is made from reinforced sponge rubber, creates a positive compression fit, and that sponge rubber is highly wear- and weather-resistant. It is manufactured with a flexible core, just wanna zoom in here and show you the cutaway of it and see the very end here. As we mentioned, has a nice flexible core that'll grip the edges for easy and uniform radius installations. It is designed to fit 3/16" to 1/4" thick doors.

I happened to pull, I have an example of an 1/8" thick steel plate right here, so it's designed to fit on there. You can see these clips pushes right on. So it's nice, is the channel, you can see that I pushed on there. It's made of a dense rubber, and it has double inner lips that'll keep it secure. So when you try to pull it off, you can see that it does give you some resistance, keeps it secure on there.

There's your bulb, side bulb they call it, on the side here, so when your door closes, it'll give you a nice seal. So basically, as you just see, you just simply push the seal onto your door, gives a nice smooth finished look with a tight fit, protects the RV from wind, dust, and water. It is designed to work great on the Class A basement compartments, and it's ideal for the late '90s Fleetwood campers. This part is made in the USA. A few dimensions, again, the total length on this is 15 feet.

The overall width from one end to the other, let me go and put a ruler on that, you can see is gonna be about 1-1/8". The bulb, just the side bulb portion right here is gonna be right at 3/4" wide, and the overall heighth is right about 5/8" tall. But again, you can see, just pull it off there. You can see on, I don't know if you can see, it's pretty dark, but on the inside it has the grips. There's dual grips, that when you push it down, it'll hold it into position, keep it from coming loose.

And to remove it, just peel it up off the edge. But that should do it for the review on the Steele Rubber Products 15-foot long side bulb push-on rubber seal for access and compartment doors..

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