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Snap-Loc Carts and Dollies - Pushcart - SL1500P6AB Review

Today we're going to take a look at the SNAP-LOC Air-ride push cart with E-Track anchor points. This is going to be a 32 by 20 1/2 inch platform with one handle and it comes in black.This push cart is going to make it easy to transport any heavy cargo or equipment around the shop or at work, pretty much wherever you need a handy cart to be. We'll have two swivel wheels on one end, and then two fixed wheels so we can park it easily. We have our single handle so we can have a safe place to push our cargo from our pull if that's what we need. It allows for a lot of maneuverability, and our pneumatic wheels are going to make sure we have a nice smooth ride whenever we're using this.There's going to be air filled pneumatic casters, so it gives you less bounce as you're transporting your cargo. Those are going to be six inch diameter.

Again, you'll have two fixed casters and then two swivel casters.This is going to also have four E-Track points. One for the front, one for the back, and then one on each side. You can use those to connect a couple carts together or you can use them for E-Track straps. We've got a lot of options here at for any of those E-Track accessories. You can also get little E-Track accessories that would be like a hook point if you just want to use bungee cords or any straps you already have.You can also, if you wanted to, put two of these carts together.

If it has a handle in place like this, you might want to get the longer connecting strap. That part number is going to be SLLS2E12R. That's going to be a 12 inch strap. But for connecting side to side whenever it doesn't have any of the handles in place, the six inch strap will be probably just all you need. That's going to be part number SLLS2E6R.

Again, that'll just be the six inch strap. Any of those points can be used for cargo straps and other accessories like that.As far as the construction of this, we're going to have an HDPE plastic platform, so it's going to help to hold all our heavy loads. And then if I flip this up, you can see on the bottom there's going to be a steel frame running from all our casters to each other. That's going to help to give it a little more support as well for those especially heavy loads.The other nice thing about that platform is that it's going to have this sort of diamond plate pattern that's going to help to give our items a little bit better grip or a little better staying power when they're in place. Another thing that I like about this is that it's going to be a flat surface so there's no lip or edge that can cause your cargo to get off balance or sit at an angle or anything like that, which is especially important if we're hauling anything that's really big.

It also makes it easier for connecting these carts together since there's no edge to go over, it all just slides in together. Our handle's even going to be a little bit lower than the platform itself too.Now the handle is pretty easy to remove. There's just going to be some push in detents to get that to come off. On the bottom for that connecting point, it's actually behind the wheel, so it's a little further in on the platform. But if you decide that you don't want the push cart handle, you can remove those and just have the platform all on it's on there.The handle itself is going to be made of a rust resistant steel with that nice hammer tone powder coat finish. It is going to be an inch and a quarter steel tubing. You can also get an extra handle kit, the push cart handle kit, that is sold separately, and the SNAP-LOC bar connectors to turn your push cart handle into a panel cart. Basically that would be a handle going in this direction and then another handle in that direction for a little different configuration there.As far as our weight capacity, it is going to be 1,500 lbs, or 1,500 lbs. The dimension of the platform is going to be 32 inches long by 20 1/2 inches wide, and it's going to sit 9 1/2 inches tall.Our handle from the ground is going to be about 40 inches high, or about 31 inches from the platform to the top of the handle.That's going to do it for our look at the SNAP-LOC Air-ride push cart with E-Track anchor points.

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