Review of Snap-Loc Carts and Dollies - Panel Cart - SL1500PC6B

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Snap-Loc Carts and Dollies - Panel Cart - SL1500PC6B Review

Today we're going to take a look at the snap-loc all-terrain panel cart with e-track anchor points. This is going to be a 32 inch by 20 and a half inch platform in black. And this is going to be a very handy tool to have around the shop or at work or really anywhere that you need to have something to transport heavy items, especially if they're going to be a little longer and taller. The panel cart design is going to help to kind of hold those things in place, making it a little easier to transport them around. Now there are e-track attachment points on each side of our cart, so you can see we'll have one in the front here, kind of in that little indention spot, but they'll also be one at the back, the front and the other side.That's handy since you can use e-track straps with those and you can also sort of daisy chain together a couple of different carts using one of the connecting straps. I have one here.

This is going to be the 12 inch strap. Since our panel cart has this bar to attach our handles, you might need this longer strap to connect them together, if you're going long ways like this. But they just snap in place and then you would connect your other cart to that same attachment point. Again, this is going to be the 12 inch strap. This is sold separately.

You can find those here using part number S-L-L-S-2-E-!-2-R. There is a shorter strap that's going to be six inches and that's going to be S-S-L-S-2-E-6-R. We also have a lot of e-track straps, hooks and clips that you can use so that you can put a little hook in there with that e-track attachment point on any of those e-track points, and then you can use bungee cords, things like that, that you already have, so you don't have to buy a whole new set of straps if that's what you want to do with that.But this is nice because it has our all-terrain wheels. So these are going to be airless rubber tires with casters and you can use these outside over pretty much any kind of terrain. And the other nice thing about these, is that they do have a brake.

So we hit one side, that'll be able to hold our cargo. It's going to make it really nice, we don't have to worry about anything falling away on us. Now that's just going to be on our swivel tires. We're gonna have to swivels. And then two fixed casters.

So, come around to the front here. So you can see it's just going to be that little push lever. So whenever you're ready to hit the brake, you'll hit the side that says, on, that'll turn on our break, off, you'll be able to roll it like normal.Our handles again, are going to make it easier for us to transport any items, have a safe place to push and pull from. And these are going to be made of a durable steel with a rust-resistant hammertoe and gray powder coat finish. And those handles are going to be an inch and a quarter in diameter and these can be pretty easily taken off. There's going to be a couple little snap detents that we can remove these. And something that I like, is that you can convert this from a panel cart to a pushcart or just remove the handles entirely if you just want that base Dolly. So you can remove this metal piece here and then flip these two curved ends to one point, that would be our pushcart, so we just have one handle to push on kind of the long end here. Or you can just have it all broken down for storage as well.The platform itself is going to be made of a heavy duty HDPE plastic platform to haul all our heavy loads. And then underneath, if I tip this up, you can see it. We're going to have a steel frame underneath our platform there. That's also going to give some extra support for those heavy loads so we don't have to worry that any bowing or bending or cracking when we're carrying around really heavy stuff. You can also see that there's a sort of diamond pattern on these two panels on our cart that helps to give it a little nonstick or non-skid surface so nothing's going to go sliding off of here. And also, this is going to be a completely flat top so there's no lips or edges or bumps or anything that items can get off balance on and it also makes it easier for again, connecting these together. There's nothing that can cause things to get off balance there.Again, our weight capacity is going to be 1500 pounds. Our Dolly dimension is going to be 32 inches long with the handles at the end. These two bars are going to make that a little bit longer so that it'll be actually more like 34 inches long. But our width is going to stay the same at 20 and a half inches wide. And then this is going to sit from the ground to the top of our platform at about nine and a half inches. And then going from the ground to the top of our handle, it's going to be about 40 inches. The clearance underneath, so if you need to clear any items, it's going to be about seven inches underneath our platform. And that's going to do it for our look at the snap-loc all-terrain panel cart with e-track anchor points.

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