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SmartStraps Ratchet Straps - Standard Strap - 348259 Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Smartstraps Carbon-X Ratchet Tie Down Straps. This is going to come as a pair of straps, so we'll have one for either side of our cargo, or two straps to tie down all of our items.Has this kind of offset hook that will allow you to wrap that around the railing on your trailer, hook it into any kind of factory tie down spot, or anything else like that. It has some reinforced stitching on the ends there to make sure that that stays nice and secure. And then, our ratcheting mechanism itself, it's a nice, wide ergonomic handle, lets you get a good grip to ratchet that down in place and get our cargo nice and taut, or our strap nice and taut.To open that up, pull up on this smaller handle in the middle, and that allows you to pull out on the excess to get everything loosened up. Just want to make sure that whenever you do that, it gets locked into the little notch on the back of that mechanism. It's going to hold it in place while we pull that strap out.

There we go. Now it's locked in place, and we can pull on our strap. And then, just release that handle back out to ratchet it down again.This is going to have 14 feet of length, and it's about an inch and a half wide. See that there And then, our hooks measure about three and a half inches long, overall. The throat inside there is about an inch and an eighth, to give you an idea of the space you'll have inside there.

Those are made of a plated steel, so they'll give you good strength to act as your securing point.The width on the handle for the ratchet, just to let you know, is about two and three eights inches wide, so depending on how big your hands are, you might have to adjust there to get everything tightened down.I like that these are a high visibility, yellow color, so you're going to be easy to spot when you're out on the job site, or out camping, or whatever you might be tying down with these. Make it easy to spot them and not forget them for next time.The safe working load limit for our straps is 1,667 pounds with a maximum break strength of 5,000 pounds. Whenever you use them as a pair, that will up our safe working load limit to 2000 to double that, and then our maximum break strength will be 10,000 pounds. You do get a one-year limited warranty with these from Smartstraps.And that's going to do it for our look at the Smartstraps Carbon-X Ratchet Tie Down Straps.

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