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Review of Shocker Hitch Clevis Hitch - HD Air Hitch Clevis Mount 2" Hitch 16K - SHK64ZR

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Shocker Hitch Clevis Hitch - HD Air Hitch Clevis Mount 2" Hitch 16K - SHK64ZR Review

Hi, everybody. Andy here with Today we're take a look at this Shocker H-D Air Receiver Hitch with this clevis mount for a two inch hitch receiver with a gross towing capacity of 16,000 pounds. This heavy duty shock absorbing receiver hitch provides, secure your comfort while towing by reducing road shock and chucking using airbag and bumper stop technologies. This hitch features, as you can see here, an industrial strength airbag and cushioned bump stops here at the top that dampen chucking and road shock. Now this hooks your trailer to your tow vehicle.

With this included clevis pin mount. This is gonna be perfect for towing hay wagons and hydrous tanks and other farm applications. As you can see here, this one and a quarter inch pin hole will accommodate a variety of equipment. Now the inside distance between the tongues is three and a quarter inches and the outside distance between the tongues is four and three quarters inches. Now included are these two easy to remove pins.

These are large rings. They're gonna be easy to grasp onto. I can easily fit up to four fingers through each ring. So no more fumbling with small hitch pin heads. And then also included are these large safety clips.

This gonna make securing your pins and these clips very easy. Now you are going to have a drop range of a half an inch to three and a half inches. The inside with this channel is three and three quarters inches across. And then the distance between each of these mounting holes is one inch. Now this is also gonna be compatible with the shocker hitch, two-inch ball, the sway bar, mount raise, ball Mount, the combination ball, the drop mount and the standard ball mount.

All those items. Those attachments are sold separately, but you can find them under the related products section of this product page. Now this air hitch works like a teeter-totter with the airbag on one end and your trailer coupler on the other end. And as your trailer exerts force downward, the unit pivots and the airbag absorbs the energy. When your trailer jerks backwards or push us forward. These two cushion bump stops, reduce the force for a smoother ride. Now this airbag is easily adjustable. There is an air valve here with an included cap, and you would just add more air for heavier loads and reduce or let out the air from the airbag for lighter loads. On the opposite side, we do have this Zurich fitting That's going to allow simple and easy maintenance of their pivot point. And this is a grade 50 steel plate construction and a cold rolled steel shank that provides a maximum durability. Again, the gross towing weight of this is 16,000 pounds. The tongue weight of 1600 pounds, the hitch and the clevis Mount are all shot, blasted and for rust resistance, powder-coated as well. And again this is going to fit a two inch trailer hitch receiver. The hitch pin hole diameter is five inch, seven inch. The pin and clip is sold separately. However, I would recommend taking a look at the infinite rule locking pins or the shocker pitch ball mounts for two inch and two and a half inch hitches. You will get three of those locking pins. One to lock your shocker hitch to the receiver hitch of your vehicle. And then two other locking pins to secure your attachment to your shocker hitch. You can find those pins on our website using item number, I-R three nine F-R. Now, the distance from the first hitch pin hole to the center of our clevis mount it's gonna be right around 13 and a half inches. And then from the second hitch pin hole to the center hole of our clevis Mount, we are gonna be setting right at about 14 and a half inches. The distance below the receiver tube is gonna be five inches from the bottom of that tube. And just some additional installation tips. This does require a minimum of seven inches of clearance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the rear most portion of your tow vehicle. And the receiver opening should be flush with the bumper or protruding from the rear of the vehicle for best. Finally, a two inch shocker air receiver will not fit a two and a half inch hitch even with a reducer sleeve as trucks with a two and a half inch hitch have deeper frames. A two and a half inch shocker air receiver will fit a three inch hitch with a reducer sleeve. Well, that's gonna conclude our look today. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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