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Scosche Vehicle Organizer - Device Mount - 332-PSM11007 Review

Today we're taking a look at the Magic Mount magnetic phone mount. Now this unit allows you to mount your phone to virtually any semi-flat surface for maximum versatility and utility. So you can see here really nice picture on the instructions of how it mounts. Gives you a really good visual. This really is ideal for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs. It has the installation guide which walks you through the whole setup process step by step.Now this unit has built-in flex tabs so this is the mounting base.

It sticks to the surface. It provides the base or mounting location for this piece here which is the actual piece that holds your phone. It comes with two of these so if you're going from vehicle to vehicle or application to application you can put one in each and you can take your phone with you and mount it.But is do want to point out that these do have built-in flex tabs for attaching to a curved surface. Now this unit uses high-powered magnets to mount the phone to the Magic Mount which is right here. So these magnets have adhesive backing.

You have a large plate and a small plate. You can use one or the other. You can use both, whatever works best for your application. That sticks there and that's going to stick to your phone once it's mounted to the back of your phone to the Magic Mount.So it uses high-powered magnets which allow for quick and easy mounting. These are safe for use with electronic devices and again large and small plates with the 3M adhesive is included.

Now it allows you to mount the device in portrait or landscape mode and then you can actually . it's on a ball socket design so you can rotate to any angle that works best for your application. We also have this universal elastic band right here.This is like an elastic cage. It comes around, wraps around the corners of the phone and provides extra security during off-road use. Works with rugged and large cases.

It comes with extra 3M adhesive base like I mentioned earlier for more than one mounting location. Product's covered with a limited lifetime warranty. Also the trim ring right here is silver. If comes with a black one so if you want to swap that our you can.It comes with a cleaning wipe and it comes with sick film. It's just a clear adhesive film that goes in between the mount and the mounting area on your phone. I also want to point out that these magnets can be installed between your phone and its case and still be effective when it comes to securing to the Magic Mount.The last thing I want to mention is this right here. So product's covered with a limited lifetime warranty. The packing that it comes in does double as a reusable dry bag so that's going to be perfect for your keys, your wallet, other devices and so on, keeping them dry when you're out on your adventure. That's going to do it for today's look at the Magic Mount magnetic phone mount.

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