Review of Scosche 12V Power Accessories - Power Socket - 332-CPDA2C8-SP

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Scosche 12V Power Accessories - Power Socket - 332-CPDA2C8-SP Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Scosche power volt dual USB fast charger. Now, this dual USB charger will plug into your vehicle's 12 volt power port to quickly charge two USB devices.This one delivers a total output of 30 watts, so this convenient dual port chargers is very fast and compact. Basically, let me just zoom in and we can talk about the two different connections, because they are different. The very bottom one, that is an 18 watt USB C port, which can charge the latest phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung and Google that use the power delivery 3.0 technology, so it'll charge it up to three times faster than a standard USB charger. It's optimizing charging circuit will power your smartphone, tablet or device up to over 70% capacity in 30 minutes, and the devices that this will work on that have the power delivery 3.0 technology, we list those devices on this product page.The very top one is your standard 12 watt USB A port and that'll charge your device up to two times faster than a standard USB charger.And at the very top right above it, that is a blue LED indicator that will light up and provides visual indication of an active 12 volt connection. When you plug this in, that will light up to let you know you're getting 12 volts.Does use built in circuitry that'll protect devices against overcharging and overheating.

And again, it's designed to plug directly into a cigarette lighter socket, aux port, or other 12 volt connection.But that should do it for the review on the Scosche powerful dual USB fast charger.

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