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Review of Savior Emergency Supplies - Flares - SA54FR

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Savior Emergency Supplies - Flares - SA54FR Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at these battery powered magnetic LED road flares that have the nine light modes and it is for a quantity of three flares. These LED road flares will provide bright, long lasting light for multiple applications. They do have nine light modes. It starts with the six flash patterns that'll let you alert.

Other motorists of a roadside emergency. Has a triple blink, a double blink, a single blink, a rotating and alternating, and an SOS distress, and also offers solid high and solid low modes, which will produce a nice bright light for work light applications. It is ideal for roadside repairs, camping, hiking, reading, and more. And they do have wide LEDs right here that'll function as a flashlight.I'm going to try to show you these features here. So basically, to turn on the light, what you'll want to do is just push this button right here, push it once, and you can see it's torch here blinking and you push it another time, it'll change it to another mode.

Push it another one. Push it one more time, you can see there's your rotating and what I am going to do is turn off the overhead lights just to give you an idea how bright it is. And if we push it one more time, see it lights up very bright, and then there's your blinking, and then one more time. Now you can see it's in the solid, this is what you can use as a bright light for work light application. I can push it again, it goes a little bit dimmer.

And if we push it one more time there, you can see there's a nice white LEDs that'll function as a nice flashlight.Then if you push it again, since you've gone through all nine of the light modes, it'll automatically turn off. The other way to turn it off is just hold this button for three seconds. So you can see if I turn this on and you want to turn it off, just hold that for three seconds and it'll automatically shut it off. It is a nice weather resistant housing to help withstand rain, wind and dust. Does meet waterproof IP65 rating and it will operate in extreme temperatures from a negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are crush proof up to a 1,000 pounds. They will resist breakage during impacts and they do have multiple mounting options. Back here, you can see it has a magnetic base that'll attach to any metal surface. Just want to show you here, happened to pull this metal plate here and you can see it'll attach right to those metal plates. So if you want to put it on the side of your car, it's got a good magnetic grip to it.Now it does also offer. includes these three 3M adhesive magnetic mounts, three metal plates that have a tape on the back that you can secure to any non-magnetic surface and attach it to. And the other way is this integrated hook. If you just reach in here, you can take this hook out and then you can hang it any place you need to hang it up, hang it up the light, or you can also use it to prop up the light. Now, it does use three AAA batteries. They are not included and there are three batteries for each light. This one, I already put some batteries in just to show you how it operates. And again, this is for Connie 3-Light pods, does come with this nice carrying case. Now the dimension on the light pod itself, the width on it is going to be right at three and seven eighths inch diameter. The height on it, it's going to be right at one and three eighths inch tall.Now the red LED warning lights, there's 12 of those. Those are on the outside here. The running time on those is about 41 and a half hours and as we've mentioned, it gives you the 360 degree range of illumination. The white LED work lights, there's three of those. Running time on those is up to about 14 and a half hours if you use lithium batteries. And the carrying case right here, dimension on that, the overall height is about four and a quarter inches tall and the diameter on it is also about four and a quarter inches tall. So again, you can just open this up all the way, take your lights, drop them in there. Also drop your metal plates in there if you prefer. Once you got all three of them in there, just zip this, close, and you got a nice little handle to carry it around in. But that should do it for the review on the battery powered magnetic LED road flares with the nine light modes for a quantity of three.

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