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Review of Saris Bike Trainers - Fluid Resistance Trainer - SA9904T

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Saris Bike Trainers - Fluid Resistance Trainer - SA9904T Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a look at the Saris Fluid turbo bike trainer. In the winter months it's a lot of times easier to train indoors rather than having to deal with the weather outside. The days are getting shorter, so you move your training sessions to indoors. This is going to help you to stay fit, to stay in shape so that whenever spring does come back around, you're ready to go. You haven't lost any of that progress from those summer months.So, this is going to be a fluid style trainer.

It's a bit of an improvement over the magnetic style. It gives you a more realistic road feel. It's typically also going to be quieter than those magnetic style trainers. The way that it's going to work, we'll have our fluid in this capsule here. There's a fan inside that pushes through that viscous fluid, so the faster you peddle, the harder it gets to get through that, and it's a progressive style resistance trainer.

You'll set your back wheel of your bike on this flywheel here and that's going to provide that resistance for our bike. It's pretty simple to set this up. We'll have our skewer going here and it's going to fit several different styles or several different sizes, road bike and mountain bike tires. I'll give you some numbers to look at in a minute. And it is pretty compact.

Whenever you fold this down, these two arms do fold in, so it makes it pretty easy for apartment living, for keeping this out of the way, making it pretty portable as well.As far as the sound with this, it's rated at about 64 to 68 decibels, which is about the same volume that you would typically have a normal conversation with somebody. Once it gets up into the 70 decibel range, then that starts getting like whenever you're driving at 60 miles per hour on the highway. That's about the level of noise there, just to give you an idea of what those decibels mean, so relatively quiet. Some of your more direct drive trainers will be a little bit quieter than that still. This is kind of that middle of the road trainer, something that's a little bit better than your magnetic style, but not so expensive as some of the fancier ones out there.

Still going to be able to give you that capability to train and keep it a little bit quieter so you can watch your favorite show, maybe listen to some music, or just not annoy your neighbors or your partner while you're training.This is available with a speed sensor as well. If you want to get that version, you can find that here at It's just going to be this little guy which can mount to your hub or the pedal. You just want to make sure that it's not on the drive pedal, so on the crank arm there, and it comes with three different size bands. To get that attached, we'll have a smaller one, kind of middle of the road, and then a larger one so you could attach that in place. It also comes the battery to power that in your pack so you can keep track of how fast are your intervals as you're going along. That way, you get more feedback from your training and you get a little bit more precise work at with that. Again, there's going to be two versions of this. One is available with the sensor, one is available without. All the other features of the actual trainer are going to be the same. It's just that one comes with that extra bonus piece.As far as numbers, I promised you numbers, so let's take a look at those. Whenever it's folded out like you see it now, it's going to measure 30 inches wide by 17 and a half inches tall up to this handle here. That's going to be our adjustment to get our skewer in place, and then about 22 and a half inches front to back for the depth there. If we fold it down, just going to push on these arms. It does have a pretty stable base just folded out there, but there's nothing really to push in. It just folds down. And then if we look at it like this, that's where we get that a 20 and a half inches by 11 and a half going from the base to the top of that fan, and then 19 inches front to back. So, relatively compact so that you can fit into a closet, throw in your trunk if you're taking this out to the race to warm up with it, anything like that.As far as the wheel sizes that it's going to fit, you can see those listed on the screen there. Also, the skewer sizes that are compatible with this unit. There are some accessories available with this. You can see those there. You can get a leveling block for that front wheel so you can make sure that everything's leveled out so you're not tipped forward all the time. It also helps to give you a little bit more stability as well. And you can also get the trainer tire so you're not wearing your back tire too much as it rides along that. It does have a nice machined flywheel here, so it shouldn't cause too much wear. Just kind of depends on how often you're using it. If you're going to be using this every day, it's a good idea to get that trainer wheel, that way you have something a little bit more durable that's made for sitting on there.As far as the adjustment, to get that bike wheel in place, you can adjust the placement of the back flywheel so you can get that up. You're not relying just on the weight of your bike and yourself to weigh that down so you can get that dialed in a little bit back there, which is kind of a nice feature. It does have a limited lifetime warranty. It is also compatible with CycleOps Virtual Training and you can also again get all the additional features from that little speed sensor. So, I'm trying to read and talk at the same time. So, pretty easy to use and should give you a good training session in those cold months instead of losing all that progress that you made in the summer. That's going to do it for me and looking at these Saris Fluid turbo bike trainer. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right trainer for you. If not, we do have other versions available here at, so check them out. Thanks for watching.

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