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Review of SM Arnold RV Cleaner - Wash Mitts and Brushes - 38185-985

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SM Arnold RV Cleaner - Wash Mitts and Brushes - 38185-985 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the SM Arnold bi-level vehicle cleaning brush. Now, This is going to have a telescoping handle, so we can extend it out to the length that you see here and then collapse it down to a smaller profile to make it a little easier to store, and it's also going to have a flow through handle design. Basically what that means, if I flip this around, see at the end we can actually attach a hose to that or a cleaner and hose. We can have our soap and suds coming through with our water as we're cleaning down our RV.

Makes it a lot easier rather than having to have a bucket and get up there. So, makes our job a little bit simpler that way.It's definitely a nice design. It's nice and lightweight so it's not going to fatigue your arms too quickly as you're getting everything scrubbed down. The length, whenever it's fully expanded here, we go from the end of the brush or the head of the brush there to the end of the handle. It's about 65 inches or five feet, five inches.

If we collapse it down, which we do just by turning these two little knobs. Really, you're holding one and turning the other. Can bring our handle in the rest of the way. Tighten that back down and now as you can see, it's much smaller. Put our tape measure on there again.

Now it's about 38 and three quarter inches, so just under 39. About three feet, three inches. So, it makes it pretty easy to store. The head portion is about eight inches long.Our bristles are going to be kind of a soft bristle material. It's not going to be too stiff.

Get those a little bit closer to you so you can actually see what they look like. They're flagged, which basically means that they're a little bit frayed up at the ends, and that just helps to disperse our soap and water. Gives a little bit softer texture so it's not going to be so stiff that it's going to cause a bunch of scratches and scrapes on our finish, but it just helps to capture that dirt and whisk it away and keep it in the brush rather than spreading it out over your car. So, you can see the hole there where our water and suds are going to come out. Again, that inlet for our hose fitting as well. There's also an on/off valve so we can turn it this way. It'll be off. Turn it the other way, it's on.The grips are made out of a kind of foamy material so you can get a nice grip on there. It gives you a little bit easier purchase as you're scrubbing everything down, and spaced apart pretty well, so should be able to fit most hands out there. Again, our bristles, they measure about two and a half inches long. And should be a great addition to your RV kit to keep everything nice and spic and span. The bi-level design of the brush just refers to this kind of angle to it, so you'll have it kind of beveled up at the top and then at the bottom. So, it gives you kind of two different angles to work with. That's going to do it for our look at the SM Arnold bi-level vehicle cleaning brush. If you need any other accessories to go with your brush, like soap or any kind of wax and any other things, or maybe a different kind of brush, you can always turn to to find the right solution for your needs. Thanks for watching.

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