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Review of SM Arnold RV Cleaner - Wash Mitts and Brushes - 38183-038

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SM Arnold RV Cleaner - Wash Mitts and Brushes - 38183-038 Review

Hi, there. I'm Michael with we're taking a look at a great option for those of you who want to make it much easier to clean your RV or your boat, maybe even your SUV or truck. This is the five-level vehicle cleaning brush with telescoping flow-through handle from SM Arnold.As the name suggests, this is a telescoping brush, so we can extend it out, make it much easier to reach some of those larger items like our RVs or our boats. It's got the five-level brush. I think it might be a little bit confusing calling it a five-level brush, if you're not familiar with the idea. I think of it more like a five-plane brush.

So you have this plane, this, that's three, and then, on each side.So, the five levels are going to help reduce the risk of hitting your vehicle or your RV with the handle on the back here. You can see we've got brushes going out to kind of extend our reach and prevent us making contact with that hard plastic handle. So it's going to make it much easier. It's going to give us a wider surface area to clean our vehicles, and it is going to help prevent any sort of damage.These are very soft bristles. It's much softer than a broom.

It's going to protect the finish on your vehicle. You're not going to have to worry about anything like that.One of the nice things is the head here is attached. It's locked in place, so you're not going to . The brush head is not going to move on you. I can get this loosened up.

There we go. You can see it's going to be screwed in place, and then you're going to have to push up on it to get it to come out. And we've got these little prongs here that help prevent the head from spinning once we've done it locked in place, so it's not going to spin on us and come off while we're cleaning. It's going to be very easy to use.The telescoping handle is also flow-through, so you can attach your hose to the back here, and it's going to allow your water to flow through and up into the brush, so that you can get all that water and suds where you need it. It's going to make it a lot easier than dipping it into a bucket or something and putting it back up.There's also got this adjuster on the handle so that you can adjust how much water is flowing through.

You can see there it's got the diagram to help you know if you've got full water pressure or if you're reducing it down.When we have this fully extended, our handle is going to reach out up to 66 inches. When we have it retracted like it is now, it's about 38 inches. The overall, with the brush head included, when we have it retracted like this, it's going to be right about 45 and a quarter of an inch, so keep that in mind for your storing purposes. The brush head itself is going to be right about eight inches long, and the bristles are right about two inches. So it's going to give them plenty of length. You're going to have a lot of malleability so that we're not damaging our surface. It's going to be nice and soft. So, again, I think this is going to be a great handle brush system to get your RV, boat, larger truck or SUV clean.You can see it's also got the grips here. That's going to give us a easier time holding onto the brush while we're cleaning. It's going to be a great option for you.However, if this isn't the brush that you need, if you need a longer one or maybe a larger head, something like that, I invite you to come and take a look at our other options here at Our goal is always to help you find the product that you need to solve your problems, so you can get back to enjoying your time outdoors.That's going to complete our look at the five-level vehicle cleaning brush with telescoping flow-through handle from SM Arnold.

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