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RockyMounts Truck Bed Bike Racks - Fork Mount - RKY1085 Review

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Review of RockyMounts Truck Bed Bike Racks RKY1085

Today, we're going to review Part Number RKY1085. This is the RockyMount's DriveShaft SD Truck Bed Rail Bike Carrier for thru-axle bikes and the standard fork mount bikes. This locking rack will fit Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC and Nissan slotted tracks. We'll tie it down so then it holds the bikes with the standard fork mount design or the 15 millimeter or 20 millimeter thru-axle bikes. This part will let you transport one bike in your truck bed. It does include these set of nylon shims, so you can switch between bikes with 15 millimeter or 20 millimeter access.

It comes with chromoly-wrapped stainless steel, 9 millimeter quick release skewer for bikes that use the standard fork mounts and the quick release front wheels. It will fit both disc and standard brake systems. Also, it comes with the keys for the lock and the torque wrench to tighten down the mounting hardware. This will attach to your Chevrolet, GMC, Nissan or Toyota truck bed tie-down channels. It comes with wide base flanges and mounting hardware for simple do-it-yourself installation.

It's designed with a wide mouth for easy loading and it does stabilize your bikes with the adjustable cam lever right here. It'll prevent theft of your bike with this built-in lock which includes the keys. Now, the lock will only be working if you use it on a thru-axle bike. If you end up using the skewer or the standard fork mount bike, the lock would not be locking your bike into place. The lock would only work for the thru-axle bikes.

This part is made of a cast steel and a stamp steel with a black anodized finish. It's designed for one bike. Weight capacity is 35 pounds. It does come with a one-year limited warranty. Basically, I just want to show you really quickly how this would install.

You'll just slide these blocks into your rails. Find the position you want that at, use the torque wrench, tighten bolts down that'll keep this mounted to your truck bed then what you can do is just flip up on this, pull the cam lever open, and then this would open up to allow your thru-axle to sit in there. When you don't use the shims, it'll fit a 20 millimeter thru-axle, you would just close it. Put the cam lever in place, push that down till it's snugged and then if you use the key, and just turn it -- quarter of a turn to lock it and that will keep anybody from flipping open this handle. It'll keep your bike lock to the carrier. If you put it in, turn it, unlock it, flip it open, move up the cam lever. Now, if you do have a 15 millimeter, you can just pop in these shims. Let's put it up here, there we go. If you put those shims in, now it'll accept the 15 millimeter thru-axle and you do the same procedure, so like that. Now, if you want to use this on a standard forkmount bike, you can also do that. You just leave the 15 millimeter shims in there, take the skewer with the dummy axle already in it, put the dummy axle in there, close it, lock it into place. You would have to loosen it up a little bit. Let's turn this cam lever and loosen it just a little bit, there you go that'll allow you to snug it close. Put the fork of your bike rack right in here and then just tighten this as you need, and then push the skewer down that would lock it into place. That should do it for a review on Part Number RKY1085.